Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

With Santa at Bass Pro

Texting my friends!
 Santa's Workshop
Being a Big Girl and giving Santa her paci "for babies who need it".  This just happened last night and there have definitely been a few tears since.  We are still working on it, but I think we'll pull through ;)

Telling Santa "I want presents."

"Snowball fight" with daddy

Going sledding


Her big girl presents from Santa for giving up her paci!

 Way of Lights at the Lady of the Snows
Feeding a llama carrots-she wasn't scared at all

Feeding/petting the goats

Daddy feeding a Yak

Playing with toys in the children's area
 Decorating our tree

Hanging ornaments

Feeding mommy's nutcrackers the stars that are supposed to count down the days to Christmas.  This works too.

Merry Christmas Toby
 School Pics

Singing Away in a manger

She's actually getting messy-I was shocked!

Making a wreath with handprints


Friday, November 30, 2012


Hanging with Great Grandma Huber

Finishing off the chocolate pie...

...all by herself

Train with Sarah and Ryan!
 Bass Pro
So excited to ride the carousel

Shooting her first shotgun w/one of Santa's Elves

Racing cars with daddy

Talking to Santa for the 2nd time in one night!
 FW Christmas Lighting
Hanging w/Aunt Sarah

Nigh-Night babies!

No comment.

Coloring Cousins

Petting Aunt Sarah while trying on "Princess" Dresses

Poppy and Addy

The latest of Addy fashions...jack-o-lantern orange socks, pink leggings and a Santa shirt...
Riding the giraffe on the carousel

"show me your excited face." This is what came out.

Tigers up close and personal, just for Grandma
School Pics