Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Addy is growing, as usual. She now has both bottom teeth, and enjoys cereal and a jar of 1st food twice a day. She is also starting to enjoy more snacks, like rice puffs and graham crackers.

Developmentally, not too much has changed. She is perfecting all her current skills, and is working hard at it. She loves to study things, and her attention span is getting longer all the time. She enjoys being carried around stores now, instead of sitting in her carseat. She's such a big girl!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Milk and Cookies

I found a belt for my pants....

Yesterday, Addy and I relaxed and played games during the day. Then in the afternoon, we went to her GI doctor. She is 15 lbs, 4 oz, perfect for a "dainty girl" as the doctor called her. She said she is doing great. We can try to take her off her medicine again in 2 months, and as long as she is fine without it by a year old, we don't need to go back anymore. Yea! After the doctors appt, we hung out with daddy, and then I went to my Bunco Christmas party. We had a rob your neighbor gift exchange, and then had a cookie exchange. I had a lot of fun hanging out with the neighbor girls :) And Josh was really excited when I brought home all my goodies!

For your Harry Potter watching pleasure, magical Addy:

Today, Addy and I celebrated her 8 mo. birthday. Ok, not really...Josh worked from home today, so Addy got to play with both of us on and off all day. We went to Lowe's and got a snow saucer, for someday when we have enough snow to use it. Other than that, we did a lot of laundry and baking. Addy even helped a little with both, in that she played by herself in the room with me while I did some laundry and some of the baking. She wasn't in the mood to nap today-all of her naps were shorter than an hour. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little better.

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks...

Yesterday, Addy decided that 5:45 was a good time to wake up. That's just craziness. So we fed her, played for a little bit, then all took a 2 hour nap until almost 9. Then I made lots of monster cookies, yum :) Then after more playtime, we went to downtown St. Charles for their Christmas traditions celebrations. There are lots of dressed up actors playing Christmas characters. There are Santas from all over the world, the Nutcracker musical people, carolers, even Jack Frost! After that, we all came home to warm up, and we finished wrapping most of our Christmas presents.

This is Addy's newest trick. She started it when we visited my friends at work. Everyone was laughing and doing it with her, so she's been doing it ever since. I guess the world looks cooler from the side :)

Today, we went to the Children's service at church. Addy was in a great mood and really enjoyed making everyone around us smile. She also enjoyed watching all the kids sing songs. After church, we delivered a meal to a family from Little Lambs who just had a baby. We brought them all the fixings for tacos, so that they can have a home cooked meal easily. Then we went to buy Josh's manager's Christmas present and had some lunch. We came home, watched a movie, built a successful fire, and relaxed. What a fun last weekend before Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Today, Addy and I went to Little Lambs. There were a lot of kids there, and Addy was being a little cranky. We had to leave the noisy room for a little bit while everyone was playing! We talked about birthdays, and all the kids decorated the room for Christmas. Addy took a piece of streamer, but then just tore it apart instead of hanging it on the wall. It was more confetti than decoration :) After coming home and having a nap, we went to Bass Pro, where we were able to get another free picture with Santa.

She didn't cry, but she did look uncomfortable. After that, we played until it was time for bed. We did have a funny poop accident today though. I was changing Addy's diaper this afternoon, and I tried to move it out from under her. As I did so, the solid contents of the diaper rolled right out and onto the changing table. Oops!!

Addy is also starting to wave. She started doing it earlier this week, but I wasn't sure if it was a wave, or if it was her getting mad. But she did it today, as we left little lambs, and then again to the baby in the mirror. So I got a little video of it, for your viewing pleasure ;)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Monday, Addy and I ventured out in the freezing cold. The real temp was in the single digits, so we only went to 2 stores, real quick. I carried Addy into the first store, but she got mad when I tried to wrap a blanket around her. So I took it off, and she got mad when the wind started to blow. So we just went quickly ;) The rest of the day was pretty normal. I attempted to skip her medicine in the afternoon, to see if she still needed it. Then the night...wow...she was up crying for 2 hours after she went to bed.

Tuesday, Addy and I went to the mall, at 11. Who would have thought it would be so busy?! Then we went to my old work to drop off a few things and visit. Then we skyped with grandma and grandpa Badenhop until daddy got home. I gave Addy her medicine, as usual, and she went to bed like normal, so we figured we were all set.

Yesterday, we got Addy's second flu shot and went out to lunch with daddy. Then we went to Sam's Club, which, as every other store we've been to, was very busy. Then we spent another hour trying to get her to go to sleep after we put her in bed.

Today, we went to the grocery store, and then over to the mall and Baby's R Us. We have all our Christmas presents bought!!! Yippee!! Last night we started to get freezing rain. This morning, I realized how much I don't like our driveway. Addy and I ended up sideways on it, with the trunk of the car almost into the mailbox. So during her naps, I spent most of the time scraping ice and putting down salt. Not what I was planning, that's for sure! Tonight, Addy was up for a little under an hour again. Hopefully this is just a phase...uggh. But I hope that explains why I haven't had a chance to write much this week :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Time!


Friday, Addy and I went to Sam's Club and the Dollar Store. Since they were both short trips, I carried her into both stores. She really enjoyed it :) At Sam's, she wouldn't smile at anyone, and it was almost funny, because it almost looked like she was doing it on purpose. She would just stare at the person trying to make her smile. Then at the dollar store, she smiled at just about everyone. After a playful afternoon, Addy had her first non-family babysitter. Other than her tooth pain, it sounded like she did pretty well. Barbara, the babysitter, only had about 20 min with her awake, and a few hours while she slept-easiest babysitting gig ever! Josh and I went to his office's Christmas party, and then, since there wasn't enough food, we went to Steak N' Shake for fries and milkshakes. Yummy!

Sleepy baby...

Saturday we spent the morning getting ready for the afternoon. We had a cookie decorating party with Addy's friends. We ate pizza, decorated sugar cookies, watched Christmas movies and played games. Tons of fun!


Today we woke up to beautiful snow. But it was much better to look at than be in, since the wind was blowing so much, and it was COLD! We continued with our plan for the day though, IHOP for breakfast and then off to church. Today's church service was fine, it was the discovery afterward that was so shocking. I guess Addy doesn't want any presents from Santa, because she committed the first crime of her short little life. As Josh was buckling her in to head home from church, we discovered that she had stolen a spoon from IHOP!!!! We spent the rest of the day cuddled up in the house. Toby decided to show daddy that he wanted to go on the next hunting trip. His outdoor crate is sitting on our patio right now, with the door slightly open, just in case he ever wants to go in. We let Toby out to play in the snow, and after a little while, we heard him barking like crazy. Josh went out to check on him, and he was barking at a dove he had trapped inside the crate. We finally got Toby inside the house, and Josh opened the crate door to release the bird. What an exciting day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

"Is my two front teeth!"

Well, we are pretty sure Addy is working on her next two teeth! We've got extra drooling, a little extra fussiness, wanting her pacifier more, and messier than normal poos. I can't feel anything yet in her gums yet, but it has been about a month since her first tooth started coming through. There are only 2 years she can truly sing that song, and this is one of them!!

This morning, Addy was a little cranky. She didn't want to take her first nap, but when she did wake up from it, she didn't even want to go to daddy. She cuddled up against me and hid her face. Once she got her breakfast, she was fine though. She was very talkative again today, even while shopping through Walmart. The extra exciting thing was she rode in her car seat for 2 stores! It was awesome. She took a very short afternoon nap, so she was cranky for most of the evening, but still talkative :) She also has started putting her thumb in her mouth....I don't approve ;) Josh got his new phone today, a fancy new blackberry, but it looks much the same as his old one. Hopefully now we can hear him better though!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday, Addy and I went to the grocery store. She has decided that she can't even sit in her car seat for her favorite store anymore. It sure is hard to steer a cart one-handed! In the evening, I went to Advent by Candlelight at church. There were over 200 ladies in the fellowship hall for dessert, a speaker and singing Christmas Carols. It was pretty good, a little strange for me though, because I was sitting at a table with a bunch of people who were all related!

Today, Addy was a really good baby. She was in a good mood most of the day, and she was the most talkative that I've seen her. That's how I was able to snap this picture today, clearly showing her 2 little teeth! She looks mad, but that's how she talks :) We did a little shopping, which of course, I had to take her out of her seat again. We did a lot of cleaning today too, and we have almost finished putting up all the Christmas decorations, finally!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Inside Day

"Mommy, we wanna go outside!"

Today, we spent all day inside. Addy ate up her squash this morning and was in a pretty good mood most of the day. Daddy came home at lunchtime, so that was fun :) Then I finished putting up the lights outside. Addy ate a whole jar of pears for dinner, which I didn't even think she liked. It's official, she will eat any of the foods that she has tried. Some of them need to be mixed with another food, but she will eat everything now. We also celebrated daddy's childhood tradition of St. Nick's Day. While we were playing this evening, the doorbell rang, and we heard sleigh bells. We then discovered paper sacks with our names on them on the doorstep, and treats inside! What a fun night!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Hanging up her first Christmas ornament!

Saturday, we picked out Addy's first Christmas tree. It is gorgeous. She even helped put the decorations up. Josh and I also worked outside, getting things ready for winter. Of course, it was a freezing cold, windy day, but we survived. Even Josh, who was swinging an axe to chop up our firewood didn't hurt himself :) Addy also tried peas mixed with carrots, and she enjoyed them. Yea-we can get her to eat her green veggies now!

Writing her letter to Santa

Today, we went to church and Panera with no incidents! After coming home for a quick Addy nap, we went to Sit with Santa, thrown by our real estate agent. Addy had her first seat on Santa's lap! She did pretty well-at first she stared at him, then looked for us, then looked at him, then got upset. Super cute :) Then we came home and put up about half of our outdoor Christmas lights. It was brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold! But they look good! Then we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the 2nd half of the Colts game, since the Rams were on here, instead of our game. Addy did good for a little while, then the Rams started doing well, it got really loud, and she got VERY upset. Anytime the bar area, which was near where we were, erupted, Addy started screaming. So, I guess we can't do that again, at least anytime soon. Then we got home and were able to watch overtime, during which Addy was slaphappy, and it was really fun to watch. What a fun day!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Today at Little Lambs, we talked about Christmas decorations. Addy was really into the dancing that was with one of the songs. We also did painting with red and green pudding, which she really enjoyed! When we got home, the lawn guys were back, fixing our landslide. Later, we were hanging out on the bed, and Addy was laying down. Toby came up and cuddled up next to her, so that his head and neck were around her head-adorable :) Then in the evening, I had a girls night out with some friends from work. We were celebrating our other work friend's 40th birthday. Sometimes I miss work and hanging out with them, but then they start talking about work, and I don't miss it anymore!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mommy's Girl

Today, Addy and I went shopping for the first time since we've been back from break. Now I remember why I really wanted to finish shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving. Tons more people, tons more kiosks with people trying to attack you, and longer lines when Addy's about to have a meltdown. We did ok today, but hopefully we can finish soon. I don't know where we are going to take our December walks though :( Maybe we'll just stroll the grocery store aisles.

Our adorable little girl is definitely becoming a mommy's girl now. The past few days especially, she'll be sitting on the floor, just playing with her toys, and she'll turn, look at me and put her arms up. Apparently right behind her is not close enough. Then at the store today, while we were in line, she was smiling at some people behind us, which is usual (I was holding her), but when they started talking to us, she put her head on my shoulder, like a shy little girl. So sweet :)

What is not so sweet however, is her new habit. She is back to peeing in the bath water. I've tried running water over her feet in the sink, I've tried just standing her in the water with her diaper still on. She decides to pee either once I've laid her down on her cushion thing, or halfway through her bath. Aahh!

But, one other really cute thing. Whenever we are in her room lately, she always wants to stare at the picture great aunt Nancy made for her. It's really cute. I tell her what the animals are, and she studies the picture, like she's trying to remember what I'm telling her-soo cute!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

What a busy holiday weekend. I think Addy enjoyed her first Thanksgiving!

Tuesday was mommy's birthday, and Addy took me out to breakfast at McDonalds. Delicious :) Then we hung out all day, and picked up dinner at Bandana's BBQ. Just after Addy went to bed, Daddy and Grandad came home from their hunting trip. We had angel food cake and went to bed.

Wednesday, we went to breakfast with Grandad, and everyone just loved seeing Addy. She was the hit of the diner. Then the boys and Addy went to Cabela's, and then we drove all the way to Fort Wayne.

Thursday was Addy's first Thanksgiving. She got her first taste of white potatoes, and she did seem to enjoy them. She got to see all her aunts and grandparents, plus some bonus family members. A very good 1st Thanksgiving for sure!

Friday, Addy wrote her first text message on Ryan's phone: Ppoo. Definitely a Gentry :) Then grandma and aunt Sarah babysat while mommy and daddy went to see Harry Potter, and then out to dinner with the Gentry family.

Saturday was a day spent watching football. We also noticed for the first time that Addy's second bottom tooth is coming in!

Sunday we went to visit Great-Grandma Mina in Kokomo on our way out of town. A long drive, especially since the Colts lost so horribly.

Monday, Addy had her first taste of peaches. She likes them already! We unpacked, did lots of laundry and relaxed after all the driving. It's official - Addy can stay up in a crawling position for a few seconds, though she doesn't know what to do there, and it's pretty funny to watch :)

Tuesday, we went to the grocery store. I also decided to try green beans with Addy again, this time mixed with sweet potatoes. She didn't mind them at all. I tried giving her some green beans by themselves, and she's still a little hesitant, but not disgusted. Mommy is though-they smell horrible.

Today was another relaxing day. We have about half of our Christmas decorations up, and some of the Christmas presents wrapped. I also had a little time to do this: