Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

Sorry it's been awhile.  I've been finishing up school for the semester and getting ready for Christmas, both things that keep us very busy!  Here's a few pictures of our activities!  (Also, there would be pictures from her Christmas program tonight, but instead we stayed home because Addy hasn't kept anything in her stomach since last night :( poor sick baby)

Toby wouldn't sit still for Addy to put on his antlers

"Ok, Mommy will help"

Addy decorated the door all by herself

Combining holidays

Helping daddy set up the tree

Playing Santa Claus

We had to add the balloon so we could fly!

Visiting Santa
This was how excited we were while standing in the short line

She loved the visit :)

Addy had her own spot in the driveway...and her garden shovel

School Pics

playing puppies with friends

Guest (classmate) photographer

Addy and her nest for the birds


Being a vet


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy November!

Addy's first dentist appointment.  Went about as well as expected...

Stylin' in her Easter dress, sweater completely buttoned, snow boots and camo ATV.

Toby found a new toy...

promptly killed the poor guy

and then stares him down.

Addy's goin' fishin'

Our 15' limb that fell-during the sunny, extremely windy day
"I look like Frosty!" (with his corncob pipe-yes that is string cheese)

Helping to frost the cake

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Delicious homemade carrot cake :)
Old back door

Old, broken front door

Old bathroom windows

Beautiful new front door!

New back door

Wonderful new bathroom windows :)
School Pics

Train Puzzle

Making a pet bar graph

Magnetic letters

Smart Board

Playing Vet in the pet shop

Sorting animals