Sunday, February 27, 2011


Addy's Easter dress! She loves it! (those are butterflies on the dress)

Today was a fun day. First we went to church. Addy was very good-she was waving and giving high fives to the people around us. After church, we had a little lunch. Then we played for a little while until nap time. Addy finally went from her belly back up to her crawling position to sitting. Hopefully she remembers this, as it always trips her up. She has been taking a few more "crawling" steps though, so maybe she won't have to worry about falling on her stomach ;) hehe. Then I put Addy and daddy down for a nap, and I slipped out for girls afternoon out with the Little Lambs moms. There were only 4 of us, but it was really fun and we got cheesecake-can't beat that! While I was gone, the rest of the family took a long walk outside, so when I got home, we had to play outside a little more-it was just so gorgeous! My car said 66, and the sun was poking through the clouds off and on. Hopefully the storms that are coming aren't too bad-they are predicting nasty ones tonight. But later this week is supposed to be nice again, so maybe we can do more outside stuff. Addy loves it :) After dinner, we spent tons of time trying to call aunt Sarah for her birthday, but she wouldn't answer for the longest time.

So to recap Addy's exciting week-on her 10 month birthday, Monday, she said her first word. Wednesday was her first shuffle steps and Friday was her first real crawling "steps". Friday she also sat up in her crib by herself for the first time, Saturday she took her first good steps-up to 3 at a time, and today she was able to go from crawling to her belly to crawling to sitting. What a busy little baby-I wonder what this week will bring!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Crawling "Steps"

Thursday was a strange day. Addy's schedule was running about an hour early, so it was a little difficult on both of us. We went to a play group at the library, where the librarian read books, sang songs and worked with story boards. Addy actually paid attention off and on, which was cool. Then we did a craft that was supposed to be coloring and stickers, but Addy only did the stickers. Then we got our first Missouri library card - very exciting :) Then we came home, had a nap, and went to the grocery store. She went to bed early, but kept waking up. I think that last tooth wants to come in and is bothering her. Addy today learned her shoes make noise when you bang them together. She also has a new trick where she stands, holding onto something and then falls straight back into me. This is not a good game...but she thinks it's hilarious :/

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we woke up to find Addy had done something new-all by herself. She pulled herself up to sitting in her crib. Later, Addy and I went to the mall to walk. We ended up buying an Easter dress :) She was also waving at a little girl who was riding the train and waving to everyone. Super cute! After we got home, Addy was practicing her crawling, and she took her first "step", moving her hands and a knee. Then she would fall, as usual, but it was her first big "step"-she was so exciting. After that, Addy had her first trip to Chuck E Cheese. She loved the pizza, the games, and hanging out with her friends, but she wasn't sure about Chucky. We also had a nice layer of snow on the ground when we woke up, but not much left by the end of the day.

Daddy-whatcha doin'?

Today was a day to work around the house, and a day to let daddy catch up on his Addy time. First we installed the undercounter radio in the kitchen, then daddy had a wonderful time cleaning out the drains in the master bath. We might have found the problem as to why our bathroom usually smells funny. The one sink was so disgusting, Josh started gagging a lot when he was cleaning out one of the pieces. Sure glad that's done! We got to Skype with Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jon, and I think we figured out a better way to Skype. She was definitely a lot happier and less squirmy when we put the computer on the floor and just let her play and walk around :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Steps!

Today was a very good day. First, we went to baby signing class. We learned some signs that we'll try to use, and see if Addy gets the hang of it. We met some new friends too, so that was cool. After that, we stopped by the bank and Target. We walked around Target looking at stuff for almost an hour. We found an awesome toy, that Charlene told us to get. It was a frog that dances and sings her favorite song-Shake It. Here's a video of her first time playing with the frog:

We got home, had snacks/lunch and then we went to the basement to play. Addy was having a blast playing against the cupboards in the basement, holding onto them and then trying to reach back for me. At one point, she was standing facing me with the cupboards on her left. She was just holding the ledge when she let go, so she was standing all by herself for a second or two. All of a sudden, she took two baby steps, almost a shuffle and fell right into me! Her first steps!! She looked up and gave me a big smile-she was sooo proud of herself! She didn't want to stop practicing walking then, but she wouldn't do it by herself anymore. So I couldn't get it on video, but I did get this:

Now it's time for Purdue to lose! It's been a good day, so we have to win, right?! GO HOOSIERS!!!

First Word!

Sunday, Grandad missed out on a delicious, all-you-can-eat sausage supper. First we went to church, and then we had to wait in line at church for their annual sausage supper. It was served homestyle, with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, sauerkraut, applesauce, bread and dessert. Even Addy loved it, well at least the eating part, not so much the waiting part. After we got home, she had a nap, and then we all ventured to the park again. It was a cloudy day, but still warm enough for just long-sleeved shirts. We hear that it was about 35 degrees colder in Fort Wayne...haha!

Monday was Addy's 10 month birthday-and the most exciting day of all. Addy said her first word!! dada! So hopefully when she wakes up during the night and starts crying, all she says is dada, and I'm off the hook :) Josh walked into the room we were playing in, after not seeing him for like an hour, and she said Ai dada! and smiled real big. Josh and I just looked at each other, and then we both asked if the other one heard that. It was awesome :) Other than that, Addy and I took a special drive up to the gas station to get some milk. It was too cold outside to play :( In the evening, I had bunko, but about half of the people couldn't come-apparently sick kids. I see that as even more of a reason to leave the house :) So the 6 of us just hung out and talked and ate snacks. That was fun too :)

Yesterday, Addy and I went to Kohl's to spend our Kohl's cash. I got Addy some new "walking" shoes, but they are a little big for her feet. She has a few pairs she can wear now, and the size 2 shoes fit her feet perfectly. So we went with a size three, just to make sure she has some shoes for when she actually starts walking! They are so cute, little brown Mary Jane's with pink flowers :) She also tried kiwi, which I think she liked, it was just a little too hard to pick up. Other than that, we just played all day. Again, too cold outside. Apparently February decided to come back. The forecast doesn't look too great either. The days in the 50s all come with rain, and the sunny days are in the low 40s. At least we got a little time outside. I guess Addy and I will just have to go back to walking the malls for a few more weeks!

Here's a video with a few of the things Addy has been up to lately. Enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday!

This is a blog post I've been really excited to write! Addy has changed so much in the past 2 months. Not so much in looks, although she is bigger. She is super smart and cute!! Although that could be the mommy in me :)

Addy is still pulling up to stand, but only on the things she wants to, when she wants to. She can stand for up to 3 seconds by herself, not holding onto anything. She loves to be out and about, and gets upset when she's strapped into her car seat, or laying down to have a diaper/outfit changed. Just have to keep her distracted :) She can get into a crawling position, but hasn't done more than move a hand forward, fall onto her belly or go back to sitting. When she's standing, she is pretty good at spinning in a circle or sitting on her butt when she needs to fall, instead of face first, which is awesome for all involved :)

She can follow simple commands pretty well. She waves hi and bye, gives love, does "so big", shakes "it", and as of the past few days, claps! She also loves to read books of any sort. Destroy is the name of the game right now-she loves to knock over towers, pull everything out of containers and rip up paper. We also love mail time each day, where we can play with envelopes with plastic windows and rip up all the credit card offers.

She is now drinking milk from a cup during snacks. She also eats different things from the table now, especially bread and CHEESE. There is never enough cheese for her! She shakes her head no, indiscriminately, especially during meals. She will sometimes shake her head no, because she doesn't like something, and then she'll shake it once in awhile, right before she takes a big bite. What a silly child :)

And the most exciting thing-on her 10 mo. birthday she said her first word. We were playing, and daddy came into the room. She said "Ai, dada" Sooooo cute!!! Josh and I were in disbelief, but it was awesome:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

It's official, Addy now has 5 teeth :) Her 3rd top tooth has broken through the gums, still leaving one of the center top teeth to come through. It sure will look strange if it doesn't come through soon!! And apparently, with these recent teeth also comes picky eating! She shakes her head whenever she doesn't want something, and it's soooooo funny (at least for right now)! She doesn't seem to want much finger food, other than cheese :/ She didn't eat much banana, she wouldn't try steamed carrots or a sweet potato fry. Even the baby food sweet potatoes she didn't want to eat a few times. She'll eat bread, cheerios and cheese....Oh well. We'll keep trying :) At least she is eating some of her baby food fruits yet. And she does like juice; I've given her a few sips of apple and grape.

Yesterday, we went to Little lambs, which again had quite a few kids. Addy is learning to share. Well, she's letting other little kids take things out of her hands. She just stares at them afterward. It's kinda funny :) After Little Lambs, Addy had a nap, and then we went to Cartridge World (since taxes printed in green ink probably aren't too official) and then picked up lunch. We went over to my old work and hung out with my friends. We also picked up the bags we ordered from Thirty-One.

Addy's is a drawstring bag with a zipper front pocket. The other bag is an insulated tote, perfect for snacks or keeping drinks cold when we go to the park :)

After we went to my work, we came back for another nap, playtime, food and bed. Fun and busy!

Today, Addy got up early for the second day in a row, but thankfully only by about half an hour. After morning workouts and showers/baths for all the humans (Toby really could use one too!), we went shopping for a few new work shirts for daddy. Then after we came home and had a nap, all 4 of us went to the park. Addy was having fun and Toby was getting jealous. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like the swings or the slide though! After coming home, we made Jucy Lucys and snickerdoodles-yum yum!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mine!

Monday we had a fun valentine's day. We prepared valentine's for daddy, although the crayons never really touched the paper :) Addy did crinkle the paper for the "stuffing" for the bag all by herself! We went to Walgreens and the bank, and we tried to go to the post office, but decided not to wait in a 15 people line. Then we skyped w/Grandma and Grandad Gentry and aunt Alyssa for a little while before daddy got home. Mommy and daddy had a good valentine's day: baby-less dinner and a movie!

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went for a walk outside. We also went to the post office again-this time successfully, and Addy got to go through her first car wash! If it wouldn't have been such a long line, I think she would have been fine. She was getting restless, so she had a few Cheerios to pass the time. I talked her through the carwash, so she was fine during it. Wednesday was much the same-beautiful weather, so we walked to the gas station to get milk, and we took Toby for a walk in the afternoon, and we played on Addy's outdoor scooter toy.

Her 2 top teeth are still growing in nicely. We've also been practicing walking and standing. When she's not tired, Addy is giggly and happy :) She's starting to get a little picky about her food, so that could be an issue, we'll see. If she decides she doesn't want anymore of something, she'll shake her head a bunch. It's funny to see her say no already :D

Today we went to the grocery store where we saw many interesting people. First there was a guy in a huge truck who cut us off on the way to the store-turns out he was going to the grocery store too. When he got out, I expected him to be some young, tough guy, but it was an old guy. Meanie head! Then this lady that I think we saw the last time (I remembered her voice) told us from across the aisle that Addy had lost her shoe. I started to look for it, but then remembered I had already put it in her car seat. Then there was a lady who was following us, but trying to get around us, and then she stopped right at the spot I needed. We kept seeing her, running around the aisle and bugging other people, but not caring that she was stopping in front of them. Then there was a lady in the cereal aisle who I think was talking to us, but not really...more like to herself. And then there were a few very old couples who kept coming up and saying how cute HE was and trying to get her to smile, even though she was wearing a shirt with pink strawberries and pink pants with flip flops. We were only there for like 20 min!!! No wonder Addy loves the grocery store ;)

Then we went to the park with a couple of the neighbors. Addy loved it. The wind was blowing her around inside the swing seat, so that was kind of funny. She got to hold on to different things while she was standing and practicing walking which she loved too. We also got to air out the house for the 2nd day-I love opening windows!! Addy actually enjoyed her bath today, I think because it wasn't so cold in the bathroom. She also explored the drain stopper and the spout :) She has been really snotty all day. More just a runny nose every time she sneezed, which was every half hour or so. I'm guessing its either the temperature change or all the cleaning I've been doing, since she doesn't have any other symptoms. She hates having her nose wiped though, just like every other kid!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Maddie and Addy-BFFs!

Saturday was a fun day. I LOVE kickboxing-my new favorite workout :) Anyway, we finally got the baby gate installed at the top of the stairs, thanks to grandpa Badenhop's ideas. Yea! Then we had Charlene, Brady, and Maddie over to play in the evening. It was a ton of fun-Addy successfully stayed up an hour past her bedtime, and she woke up at her normal time in the morning too! We also got her 9 mo. pictures in the mail. Here's a preview:

Today we went to Walgreens, Panera and then church. We would have made it all the way through without any troubles, until there were 10 minutes of announcements, and Addy wasn't going to stand for that. So we had to leave a little early. After naptime, we all went for a walk in the wonderful sunshine. Josh and I only needed t-shirts, since it was about 60 degrees with a very small breeze. Gorgeous!! It's supposed to be like this most of the week, so we are super excited. Alot of the snow (aka sleet/ice/grossness) has melted, but there is still quite a bit to go. Soon we'll be able to successfully navigate the sidewalks with the stroller! After that we had lots of playtime before Addy went to sleep. And I think I can officially say-no more medicine for Addy!! Woohoo!! I'm glad, because I really didn't want to spend $200 on her refill for it either.... :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Finally-Addy's tooth has come through. It's just barely there, but the one top front tooth has come through. However, if the other one doesn't come through, she'll have a nice gap up top :)

Today was a long day. (How many people can say a pencil made them bleed? Oh yeah, that's me). We took a quick trip to the grocery store and had a recall repair man in for the washer. Other than that, it was a boring day. We tried to go outside for a little bit and chase the puppy around, but it was too slippery to play much. We did find something pretty cool though:

It's not attached to the drain spout, and it's sitting on a frozen leaf. Pretty cool looking :)

Addy also really enjoys playing with velcro, it's a new favorite that I try to find for her around the house. She's also working on standing, doing a little better everyday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Day!

You think she might get into crawling....and then she goes into bear crawl stance!

Today was a busy day. First we went to daddy's work and brought a picnic lunch. Addy was more concerned with throwing food on the floor than actually eating it, but unfortunately there wasn't a puppy there to help! After our quick visit, we went to Sam's and bought $100 worth of diaper changing supplies. Then we stopped by "the shack" and Walmart. We came home, Addy had a nap, and then we had playtime for a little while until daddy came home. Everyone today seemed to think Addy was so adorable-must have been her jeggings :) Addy's new favorite thing, at least it was yesterday, is to tickle my leg. It's not fair that she can do that already! We have also had 2 full days of no medicine with no problems. Here's to tonight being the same! And have I mentioned Addy loves cheese? She gets mad if she sees some but doesn't get any...and so I gave her some, and then I have Toby barking at me, because it's one of his favorite foods as well. Aaaahhhh!!! Good thing I bought the big 5lb. bag of shredded cheese from Sams!

And, I guess Addy is ready for summer. We've had lots of snow, and now what we do have is just annoying ice, so we are ready for the 60 degree temps next week! It's swimming time!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9 mo. Pics

Today, Addy and I went to Lowe's and Michael's to do a little shopping. We picked up some seeds to plant for our garden in the spring. Then we had Addy's 9 month pictures taken at the house. I'm excited to see them! She looked adorable as usual. Addy did stand for about 3 seconds without holding onto anything this afternoon though-very cool! Maybe sometime I'll have my camera with me to take a picture...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visit from the Grandparents

What a busy, fun few days!

Thursday, Addy and I finally got out of the house for the first time since we took a walk to the neighbor's house on Monday morning. It was awesome to get some fresh air. The driveway was still horrible-covered in ice that we couldn't get off, even with shoveling and salt. Anyway, we went to Sam's and the grocery store, and then came home to clean the house. Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop arrived late at night, even after Toby went to bed ;)

Friday morning, we went to Little Lambs, and then went to Josh's work for a tour in the afternoon. We then went out to eat-delicious! On Saturday, the girls went to a 31 purse party, and the boys cleaned off the driveway. Then we watched the basketball game, cooked up steaks for dinner and watched the Dark Knight. On Sunday, we made a big breakfast, went to church and then toured Cabela's. We watched the Ohio State bball game, and then the Super Bowl. Monday, Mommy and Toby had some quality time and went for a run together. Then all the humans who weren't working went out to lunch before grandma and grandpa left.

The weekend was fun. Addy didn't get as much sleep as she needed, I guess since she was so excited. She was teething a bit, but nothing a little Tylenol and some chewing on stuff couldn't fix. She's getting good at standing against things, and can even stand on her own for a good 2-2 1/2 seconds. Her favorite thing this weekend was walking back and forth between grandma and mommy. She is getting much more confident in letting her hand go to move it to someone or something else. The first steps of gliding! She's also trying all sorts of food, like cheese, pancakes, and cookies. She's loved them all!

Today, Addy and I did some laundry before all 3 of us went to the dentist. Today, she finally slept in until her normal time, and took 3 hours worth of naps! A change from the past few days! Addy's been extremely giggly and fun lately too-yea for age 9 months!

You can see Addy's silly tooth here on the far right in her mouth. Hopefully it won't be long until those other teeth come in!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, our 12 inches of snow turned into 2 inches of sleet and an inch of snow. SOOOOO lame. We wanted to build a snowman, but I don't think that's going to happen. Even Toby and Josh were walking on top of the "snow", not actually sinking into it.

The past few days have been rough-we've been stuck in the house since early Monday. It does get a little boring, but at least daddy has been here with us! Addy's been passing the time trying to crawl. It's pretty cute, but she keeps getting stuck, and then upset which is kind of funny. Soon, it will happen!

She's also eating whole bananas, and enjoying animal crackers, shredded cheddar, sloppy joes, tortilla, peeled grapes, scrambled eggs, blueberry yogurt and strawberry/banana yogurt. She also tried drinking her formula from a cup. We are having a blast trying new things, since she likes them all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Progression!! part 1

Monday Night-after a day of heavy-at-times rain, mostly ice buildup on trees

Tuesday 8am-ice and sleet started in the early morning hours

Tuesday 10am-ice and sleet continues to fall

Tuesday Noon-ice "ripples" can be seen in the backyard, snow starts to come in

Tuesday 2pm-sleet and snow are starting to slow down for a slight "lull before the storm". The roads aren't clear anywhere, and everyone is bracing for the next part of the storm, with all the snow and blowing. Daddy is upset there is a break in the action-but its coming!!