Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Day!

You think she might get into crawling....and then she goes into bear crawl stance!

Today was a busy day. First we went to daddy's work and brought a picnic lunch. Addy was more concerned with throwing food on the floor than actually eating it, but unfortunately there wasn't a puppy there to help! After our quick visit, we went to Sam's and bought $100 worth of diaper changing supplies. Then we stopped by "the shack" and Walmart. We came home, Addy had a nap, and then we had playtime for a little while until daddy came home. Everyone today seemed to think Addy was so adorable-must have been her jeggings :) Addy's new favorite thing, at least it was yesterday, is to tickle my leg. It's not fair that she can do that already! We have also had 2 full days of no medicine with no problems. Here's to tonight being the same! And have I mentioned Addy loves cheese? She gets mad if she sees some but doesn't get any...and so I gave her some, and then I have Toby barking at me, because it's one of his favorite foods as well. Aaaahhhh!!! Good thing I bought the big 5lb. bag of shredded cheese from Sams!

And, I guess Addy is ready for summer. We've had lots of snow, and now what we do have is just annoying ice, so we are ready for the 60 degree temps next week! It's swimming time!

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