Monday, August 24, 2015

Look Who's Crawling!

Above is a picture of a lion named Simba, Addy and Mommy. Mommy is sad because she thinks Addy will be eaten by a lion, but Addy is happy because she knows that the lion is a nice lion.

Happy 10 month birthday to my "Tiny but Tough" little boy

He started off about the length of this bear...
Trash truck fun

Story time

Now he can get to whatever he wants

Still loves remotes

Especially likes boxes

Rockin' out

Helping sort the laundry...or at least emptying it out to the floor

Riding tractors

Playing with the dog bowl
Queen Elsa (with a Jackson photo bomb)

Helping mommy sort coupons

Yum manicotti!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten!

Ready to meet her teacher at Open House
First day of Kindergarten!

Her big girl seat!
Jack is amusing himself

Peakaboo around the couch
New toy

Pool time

Splashing in the big pool

Maddi and Addy underwater!!!!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

 Birthday Redi Whip

Not a fan...

Addy knows how to dress for a a swimsuit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Party weekend!

So happy together

Loving grandma's zucchini bread


Riding the jammies and tennis shoes

loving the fishies at the Dr.'s office
"Camping" at grandmas

He knows what to start with-Getting out the "other" Jack!


Cousin playtime

Sunscreen hair!

Water fight

Jack loved the entertainment

Baby water balloon

Mother/son bonding!

Water fight with Uncle Jon!

Relax with daddy




Dinner in the bath :)