Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Ben!

Yum-first Rock Candy 

I think he liked it

Kindergarten Bubble day!

Crazy hair day

Last day of Kindergarten!

Hanging with Mickey at Tommy's house

Playing restaurant



Happy 5th Birthday!

Birthday boy playing Virtual Reality

Daddy is checking it out too

Helping Tommy feel better

Bubble fun

Bubble eating

Swing set fun

Movie time

Aunt Ally and her baby boys

Cousin sleepover
Brunch time

Cookie/coffee break

Tommy was too sleepy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tin Caps!

Selfie with miss Nina

Hangin' with Johnny before she actually met him


Grandma and Grandpa had pretty good free seats :)

Waiting for our turn to go out

In front of the dugout

Listening to instructions

Addy is already claiming success

Heading out to the mound

Addy's pitch

Heading back

Mommy's turn

Daddy had okay seats too ;)

DJ Tin Cat

Hi Johnny!
I hope this video works, even for those who don't have facebook!!

The Terrain hit a fun mileage ;)

Addy was enjoying the bridal shower cake flowers!

Mashed potato bar!

Delicious sugar for my sweet flower girl

Helping with the sweet potato fries! Serious work!

Found a slug on our plant

Jack went right for it-slimy!

LOVED Addy's trike. He's still a little short though

And Jack takes his own selfies, with his favorite balloon that is still on the ceiling....almost 6 months later...