Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday 5th Addy!

Laundry Day!

Happy 5th Birthday Addy! (and her birthday breakfast brownie)


Happy Birthday Bike!

Birthday Selfie

Birthday dinner-at SNS of course!

And a few days later...snow

Check out the footwear on that kid :)

New favorite toy-ribbons!

Kisses for baby brother
Ready for her Birthday party!

Gymnastics time

Even Aunt Sarah tried the obstacle course

Foam pit!

Jack and Maddi joined in

Jack wasn't so sure

Happy Birthday Addy!

sorry-can't easily edit in this program, so it's upside down

Shooting arrows in the house

Battle of the wheels

And Uncle Juan....killing spiders and getting balloons off the ceiling. Isn't that how all parties end?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 6mo Birthday Jack!

Daddy's Ninja Turtle

6 Months Old!

Relaxing at Sam's Club

Carrots for his half birthday!
Visiting Daddy in the hospital

At least someone is having fun

Stylish Addy

And Snow White with matching sunglasses

Time to go home!!