Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter!

Jack loves to sleep on his side-and he's now in his own bed-usually!

Time for a walk on a beautiful day

Baby comb-over


MUST EAT PENGUINS (on mommy's pj pants)

Hoppy Easter!

Whatcha doin Toby?

Tiny but Tough!
Daddy became an intricate cat toy, or just amusement for Addy 

Sleeping with Great-Grandma

Pinky Pie!

The Easter Bunny Came!

Hunting for eggs, using Daddy's chair for the high ones!

Jack likes his new car from the Easter Bunny

5 Yellow Chicken Pops!!!

My princess

And our little prince! Happy First Easter Jack!

Tractors from Daddy!

Flying a kite for the first time! She's a natural :)

Addy and Daddy's Spring Break Florida vacation

Horse track Races


Baseball Game


Fishing with buckets

Easter Egg Hunt

Baby Cousin-Brother Tommy

Hot Tub (Time Machine?!)

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