Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy November!

Addy's first dentist appointment.  Went about as well as expected...

Stylin' in her Easter dress, sweater completely buttoned, snow boots and camo ATV.

Toby found a new toy...

promptly killed the poor guy

and then stares him down.

Addy's goin' fishin'

Our 15' limb that fell-during the sunny, extremely windy day
"I look like Frosty!" (with his corncob pipe-yes that is string cheese)

Helping to frost the cake

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Delicious homemade carrot cake :)
Old back door

Old, broken front door

Old bathroom windows

Beautiful new front door!

New back door

Wonderful new bathroom windows :)
School Pics

Train Puzzle

Making a pet bar graph

Magnetic letters

Smart Board

Playing Vet in the pet shop

Sorting animals

Friday, November 8, 2013


So I thought the pictures of the Pet quotes would be large enough for you to see...I guess not.

#1: They no have scales. They have fur. They don't have scales-that's what reptiles have.

#2: I think Toby doesn't have any skin or scales. He's my pet from pet stores. He has fluffy fur. He's a doggy and he has fur and it's soft. If you put your hands on him you get fur on them.

Happy Christmas!

Now that Halloween is over, its Christmas time, right?  Addy thinks so.  We made her Christmas list, she's started asking when we can open presents, we have a soap bottle in a Christmas tree shape, and tonight for movie night, Addy picked Rudolph.  Someone is ready for Christmas!

So excited to give Toby a bath

Not so excited when he was drying off...
We didn't have too many pics because we finally got family pics taken this week-they look great.  Just wait for your Christmas card to see them! (We won't be sending those quite yet though)

School Pics
Can you find Addy's quote?

Can you find quote #2?

Addy and her friend Haylee planning a surprise party for their teacher!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Cleaning the pumpkin

Painting the little one red

The medium one gets to be purple

Red pumpkin

Finished pumpkins with Mickey and Minnie painted on them

Daddy's Go Cardinals bird

Go Cards

Our pumpkin family
Scary Witch

Matching mommy and Addy socks

One of Addy's "treats"-Righty, the Elephant
School Pictures
Weighing Dinosaurs


Eating carmel and Oreos and apples

Painting pumpkins at the Harvest Party

Reading her favorite book to her teacher-Green Eggs and Ham

Making spiders out of their snack

Pipe Cleaner spiders

Learning what to say when someone takes your toy