Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We got our bedroom furniture today!!

oh yeah, and Addy's being her adorable self

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dance Dance
Turn up the volume!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here is Addy with her new favorite puppy dog. I think her old one gets jealous sometimes...especially when she invades his pillow with Clifford :)

Just a quick note to tell everyone I took my PCAT today! My goal was an 80 (out of 99). That is the average for the school I want to go to. I got a 92 :)!!!! And I got a 99 on Chemistry-amazing!!! Woohoo! Now I'm done studying for a month, so I'm soo excited for that :D Now if only the heat would go away so Addy and I can go outside...

Saturday, July 16, 2011


There was finally a break in the heat, so we decided last minute to head to the zoo while we could! It was only about 80 most of the morning, so a lot of the animals were out, and it was kind of busy for being a Thursday :) We got to see alot, like a rhino, the hippos (and their fish) and elephants.

While we were looking at the elephants, Addy looked at me, then grabbed my nose, and then grabbed my ears, like she knew what looked funny on the elephants. It was cool!

Then we went to the children's zoo part, and petted gerbils and goats.

Then we went and had lunch. We split a kids meal of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, goldfish and applesauce. We ate out on the deck overlooking the water and the flamingos. We started the goldfish, then put them down to eat the sandwich. We also called daddy to let him know how much fun we were having. While we were on the phone, we heard the people around us start laughing. I turned around to our plate, and saw a little bird hopping away with one of our goldfish!! The lady behind us said the bird saw me on my phone, then watched me as it got closer and closer, until finally it went in to get the treat. He stayed close during the rest of our lunch too-we had to be vigilant!

Then we went to see the monkeys and ride the train back to our car. On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for a free smoothie and a McFlurry. I tried to give Addy some of my M&M McFlurry, since she loves ice cream, but her first reaction was one of confusion. She had no idea what I was trying to feed her that was blue and green swirled. She ended up eating some of it though :)

Yesterday we went to the park before the weather got too hot. Then today, Addy and daddy went to the library to see some fun animals, like a mongoose and a wallaby! Other than that, we played like usual. Addy loves doing "grown-up" things now: vacuuming, cooking, closing doors, pushing stroller/shopping cart, walking the dog and taking off his leash, making coffee, eating mommy and daddy's food, making lemonade, feeding Toby...and that's all I can think of right now :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rolling Blackout?

Last week was a pretty normal week. We played in the church nursery during a little lambs meeting, we did some shopping, we attempted to play outside in the heat, we ate very messily, the normal :)

On Saturday, Josh and Addy went to the farmer's market and to visit daddy's work while I studied. Then we had pool time, dinner, and we walked 1.5 miles to the closest ice cream stand and had a little evening snack. It was a HOT walk, but we all made it, even Toby. Then later after Addy went to bed, Josh was getting his shower in when the power went out for an hour! At least we had a laptop and mifi, so we watched some hulu tv shows :) Good thing it came back on, or the evening would have been very uncomfortable.

Sunday we went to church. Addy and daddy spent most of it in the back. Not only was Addy a little tired/cranky, the air conditioning was broke. I think it was in the mid-80s in the sanctuary...not comfortable! Then we tried this Chinese buffet for dinner near our house...not so good. But then we had fun at Bass Pro:

It's been extremely hot, and I'm ready for winter...How many more months of this???!!! Other than that, Addy's been talking a lot more, still not much in the way of words... :) She's learning to bake, although she's not a fan of the mixer. She does like to help stir and to help put ingredients in the bowl. And of course I taught her the most important thing of cooking-tasting as you go :D We've been working on shaking with Toby, being gentle around him, and giving him treats. She has also worn out/outgrown her shoes, so we got her some new ones, her first pair of tennis shoes:

And on the funny side, one night, I asked Addy what she wanted for a snack. This is what she pulled out of the pantry:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So much :)

Well, all kinds of things have been going on this week! We started a new sleep schedule, with Addy only taking one nap in the afternoons for about 2 hours. She also only sleeps 11 hrs at night, instead of her "old" usual 12. And it all happened in one night, so funny :) We also got Addy eating grownup veggies. She likes peas and corn, and we got her to eat broccoli one night, but she wanted nothing to do with it yesterday in her mac and cheese. Friday we started our holiday weekend by going to have lunch with daddy. Saturday, I took a practice PCAT test, while daddy and Addy went to Target and Walgreens. Addy showed off to all the older people at Walgreens, at least that's what I hear. Then after nap, we went and purchased bedroom furniture! It's finally time that we actually buy something that is in our room (honestly, the only thing we purchased that is in there is our mattress). And speaking of bedrooms, the next people to visit Hotel Gentry should be pleasantly surprised at the accommodations :)

Sunday, we went to church where I think an inaudible baby siren went off at some point, because Addy started crying and being fussy, so I took her out, and there were about 6 babies out there with their parents, and all of them were about the same age! After lunch and nap, we tried to go to a luau/waterslide party, which turned into a monsoon, so it was an indoor birthday party. The storms lasted all afternoon, but I think Evan had a good first birthday party anyway. Addy of course enjoyed the cupcakes.

Monday, we went to the 4th of July parade. We weren't sure if we were going to go, since it was so rainy, but it was light rain, so we decided to brave it. It was rainy up until the parade started, and then most of the parade was dry, with a quick rain shower in the middle. Then, just as we were packing up the chairs, the sun came out, and daddy ended up with quite a sunburn on his neck. Who would have thought! After the parade, we went to the carnival for some food and then to the grandstand for music and dancing. Addy was having fun, but I think the people watching her were having even more fun. She was loving it! After we got home and had a nap, Addy got to try out one of her birthday presents for the first time-her pool! She was having a blast splashing the water; she was in there for half an hour! After dinner, a bath and a walk, it was time for Addy to go to bed. Josh and I went outside to the driveway with Toby to watch all the fireworks around the neighborhoods. It was quite an impressive display!

Today, Addy and I braved the heat and went to the park in the morning. It sure felt hotter than the 80 degrees it was at 9am. For snack, Addy ate her first watermelon slice by herself. She was really enjoying it, though she kept trying to eat the rind. Eventually she did get a little piece of it, and immediately tried to spit it out. It was really funny! Then when daddy got home, we had a little more pool time, and then Addy got to see and play with some of her first fireworks. She got to see sparklers and a few bigger fireworks that daddy set off. Then Addy got to set off fireworks-the "snap and pops" that daddy calls them (the white teardrops that you throw and they spark). She liked them alot :) Toby, not as much, but he was interested :) Then we put Addy to bed and set off more with the neighbors. Toby kept barking at these certain spinners that the neighbor had. It was kind of funny :) He picked his favorite!

Wet diaper, coming through....

What a fun 4th! Excited for next year when Addy can go see the fireworks with us, and she'll enjoy the parade even more!

Here are a bunch of videos, some are recent, some I'm just finally getting to. Enjoy!

Yogurt Video:

Dog chasing:

Making sweet music:

Messing around:

Eating watermelon:

Dancing with daddy:

Pool time:

And long long ago: