Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday Party Addy!

Ready to start the party!


Blue-tongued skink-kissing Addy's ear!

Aunt Maddi doesn't like it...

But Kendrick's a fan!


He has a super hard and strong shell!

Addy and the baby alligator!

Making friends with the turtle

Enjoying the bearded dragon

Bunny rabbit!
Lily's new best friend

Maci loves the bearded dragon!

He loves being up high!

Snake knot!

Christina has snake jewelry!

Ben likes the snake

Daddy's got a new necklace!


Maci is holding the snake!

Even Kendrick likes it!

Aunt Peppy likes the snake too!

Jack is having a great time!


Kendrick has a tree frog on his head!

The frog is climbing daddy....after it peed on him

A frog and a Tobii

Frog on Addy's head

Atticus is exploring the frog

Lion power


Happy Birthday Party Addy!!