Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New games!

Addy is starting to play new games now. She finally rolled over again today, twice. She's starting to support herself on her forearms now when she's on her belly. She also really loves to grab my fingers while I pull her up to a sitting position. However, the past two nights, she's been back to being upset at night, which is a little hard for Josh, since that's the main time he gets to see her! Hopefully the nighttime fussiness will go away soon :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running Errands

Today was another busy day-Addy and I took a trip to Walmart and then to the grocery store--did you know St. Louis has no canned pumpkin? At least not at the 2 stores I went to :( I'll keep looking!

We now have a home phone again-the Charter guy came and hooked it up today. It was cheaper to get a home phone, than to not have it. So weird.

Addy laughed for me today! We didn't need the dog or the outside weather. We were just dancing and she got so happy; it was cute.

Toby killed another bunny today. You would think they would learn to stay out of our yard and tell all their bunny friends to stay out, but no. They just keep coming back.

Monday, July 26, 2010

HOT weekend...

Saturday, Addy got to go to her first charity event that wasn't a race. It was EXTREMELY hot, with heat indexes in the 110s. We were outside for a little bit, then went inside to a room w/window air conditioners, so it was probably only mid-80s. We didn't stay too long into the afternoon, it was way to hot for mommy and daddy. Addy didn't seem to mind it for the most part.

After that, we did a mini tour of St. Louis for a video project daddy was doing. We saw Ted Drewes and had their custard, saw the brewery, arch, and Busch Stadium. Lastly, we went on a walk through Forest Park. It was so hot, we pretty much just collapsed when we got home!

Sunday we went to church (where Addy tried to make friends with the baby girls in the row behind us) and Panera, our usual. We also started our big weight loss challenge! Josh and I are going to kick butt (and bellies), but I still plan to beat him :)

Today has been pretty uneventful. Addy and I went for a rough walk this morning. I thought I'd try a new street in the next neighborhood, and wow-I didn't know there could be such big hills. Then, I finally got a hold of someone at our cable company who seems to be not completely worthless, so hopefully our bill will finally get straightened out. I think I've found someone to do Addy's professional baby pics, so I'm excited to get those scheduled.

Addy's doing well-she still loves to smile big at Toby (laughing was only a few days thing, I guess). She hasn't rolled over again since we were in Fort Wayne. She's now attempting to sit straight up when she's in a reclined seat, so that's pretty funny to watch. She's finally falling asleep on her back, without being wrapped up, so that's pretty cool too. She's paying more attention to toys, but still not really grabbing for them.

We are working on planning our September visit-we'll let you know more when we have details. Anyone is welcome to visit us in August though--if you come during the week while the Cardinals are in town, we can get tickets for FREE!

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Laugh!

Addy had her first laugh last night. It turns out the combination of warm, I mean HOT, weather, tiredness at night and her big brother Toby is the perfect storm to get a laugh. It worked again tonight, which is the video Josh has put on the flipshare, so be sure to check it out. (If you don't get it, let me know!) It isn't much and it doesn't last long, but its an awesome start!! In the video, there is a laugh right toward the beginning, and then a little one right before Toby barks toward the end.

We also just posted Addy dancing to her favorite song. Josh played it one night, and she smiles almost every time she is dancing to it. Enjoy what is, I'm sure, to be the first of many dance recitals!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot or Stormy

Well, this week has been relatively uneventful. Monday, we were going to take our normal morning walk, but we had on and off storms we didn't want to get caught out in! Tuesday was the exact same way.

Yesterday was a little more exciting. We took daddy out to lunch, although Addy slept through the whole meal. Then we went to the mall to do some walking. Since it wasn't stormy yesterday, it was hot. We only have those 2 options apparently! Addy loves to people watch. I took her out of her stroller to feed her, and instead, she spent most of that time watching everyone walk by. Very cute :)

Today we had our first grocery shopping trip together by ourselves. She did pretty good, just a little fussy at times, nothing her pacifier couldn't help. Toward the end, she spit it out and didn't want it back and the next time I looked at her, she was asleep! We also talked with a lawn guy this morning. The lawn is going to be a little more expensive than I was hoping, but it'll be worth it to not have to mow the hill, have the usable space and give us a much better resale value! Hopefully we'll get a good deal and have a wonderful yard soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Addy is 3 months old today! Again, a lot has changed :) Her light blonde hair is growing in, while her dark hair on top is thinning out. She still has all the dark hair in the back though. Her arms and legs are getting pudgier, and her nails are all growing nicely. By my estimate, she's about 10 1/2 pounds now and close to 2 feet long! She's still working on getting a schedule down, but is mostly still sleeping well, and she is always eating more and more. She's started becoming more interested in toys and definitely loves looking around when we are outside. Sometimes that's the only thing that will calm her down. She's really chewing on her hands now, and sometimes holds blankets and clothes up to or puts them into her mouth. She also did roll over from her back across her right arm onto her belly. We haven't seen it since vacation, I guess she's just busy working on putting things in her mouth.

Her nighttime fussiness is starting to ease up a bit. It's only about every other night, and usually under an hour now. As long as she is being sufficiently entertained, she's happy! We do have to be more careful now, as slight noises now tend to wake her up when they didn't used to. Soon she'll probably have to nap in her dark, quiet room!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture from the Trip

I was requested to add this picture of our trip home from Fort Wayne back to St. Louis. You may want to refer back to the blog entry from Baby's 1st Roadtrip Part III, Monday. The look on her face says it all.

Cards Game

The end of last week wasn't very exciting--just the normal staying at home, trying to finish unpacking and trying to keep a baby happy. Just sitting at home is not enough for Addy anymore. We always need to be changing scenery. She just hasn't been that interested in toys yet, so for now, its just always moving around that keeps her happy. Too bad the temperature outside is 95+ with heat indexes above 100.

Today was Addy's first baseball game. We were worried about the temperature and walking her around to keep her happy, but it all worked out really well. In the morning before the game, we had a thunderstorm that was messing with our power-off then on then off then on. It was still raining when Shawn, Brooks, and their significant others came over to see our house. We all went out for breakfast at a new place we found about 5 min away. It was really good :)

By the time we all got to the game, the sun had come out, but the temperature still did not go up too high. It was 76 at the start of the game, and we were standing in the shade. We had gotten up to our deck to where our seats were and we were trying to figure out what to do with our stroller. A handicapped section right in front of us was practically empty, so we asked the usher if we could sit there, since we had the stroller. He said yes, until someone comes who needs it and no one ever did, so we had comfy folding chairs in the shade with a breeze blowing in from behind us. It was gorgeous!

Addy was good for most of the game. She got fussy on and off, but mostly seemed to be enjoying looking around. About the beginning of the 8th inning, she passed out. At this point, it was 4-0 Dodgers and not looking so good. Since we had won the previous 3 games, we had mostly backups in this game, with none of our favorite players (Molina, Pujols, Rasmus...) All of a sudden, we scored 2 runs and then a 3rd-the crowd was going wild! Then, with 2 outs in the inning and a runner on base, Pujols comes up to pinch hit. Loooooooongest at bat ever! The excitement ended when Pujols hit a fielders choice to end the inning. But we were only down one run. We got the next 3 outs pretty easily. Molina comes in and is the next up to bat. He gets on base. The next guy bunts and gets Molina to second but is out himself. The next guy gets out. The next guy gets walked. So we have 2 on base, 2 outs, with our backup first baseman up. He had a few hits earlier in the game, but only has a .120 average. He gets a single-Molina scores!! The game is tied-the crowd goes even more wild! (Yes, Addy is still sleeping). Holliday comes up to bat-he has failed us many times.... after a few pitches in a lull, Addy wakes up. I get her out to see the last part of the inning. Holliday hits it to deep right field-its going, drops to the ground in fair territory-Jay scores-Cardinals win-fireworks go off. I look down, and Addy is screaming her head off-all the commotion scared her! It was so cute though.

We get her calmed down by feeding her (her newest favorite thing) and then we enjoy the HOT walk back. By now, it is 90 degrees, we are in the sun and there is no longer a breeze. At least it was just the 20 min walk to the car!

What a wonderful first baseball game for Addy-- Go Cards!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chewing fingers

Tuesday, for the first time, Addy had a hold of two of my fingers, one in each hand. She then proceeded to chew on my fingers, one at a time. I guess this means I really need to cut my nails short now!

Other than that, our first day back was a very cranky one for her. She wasn't very happy most of the day. At least she did sleep quite a bit, allowing me to get some of the laundry done. But when she was awake, she usually wasn't in a very good mood.

Today has been much better. After an early morning wake up with daddy, she had a long morning nap with mommy and has been good about naps and eating most of the day. We'll see if it continues!

Addy Rolls Over!

On Friday morning, while we were at Grandma Badenhop's house, Addy rolled over! She rolled from her back to her tummy, going over her right shoulder. Daddy told her not to do it before he got there, but she didn't listen. The picture is a picture of how she ended up after this first roll. She's done it a few times since, always the same shoulder. Yea Addy!

Baby's 1st Roadtrip Part III

Saturday we woke up bright and early for Addy's first full 5K. Daddy ran his first race (41 min, 38 sec), while mommy and Addy walked (49 min, 51 sec). Sarah and Juan also ran. Then we took a nap in the afternoon, before mommy and daddy went to see Aunt Sarah's chalk walk picture and then went to the FW Tincaps game. Addy got to see Aunt Sarah's chalk walk with grandma, later in the afternoon.

Sunday we got up early again for church, and then went to Great-great-grandma's 100th Birthday party. Great-great-grandma was very excited to meet the youngest of her large family. After the party, we came back to grandma's to clean up and start to pack up the house.

Monday, Addy slept a full 8 hours! We packed up and said goodbye and headed to the Gentry house. We had brunch and then we left for home. Addy did great, sleeping the first 3 hours before we all stopped for food. About an hour after that, daddy thought Addy might need a diaper change, since she still wasn't falling asleep. Oh the poop surprise that awaited us! After cleaning that mess up, we got home to a large thunderstorm. We didn't quite get everything unpacked, but we made it home after a long, fun vacation!

Baby's 1st Roadtrip Part II

On Tuesday, Addy and mommy had a relaxing day, before meeting mommy's friends for dinner at Granite City. Everyone thought she was so cute-and we found out that another friend of ours was pregnant!

On Wednesday, Grandma Badenhop had to stay home from work and rest her ankle, so Addy and her hung out while mommy had a workout and made homemade apple crisp. In the evening, we went for a walk with grandpa and Toby around the neighborhood.

On Thursday, we had Casa's for lunch, then surprised Granddad Gentry at work. Then we went to Grandma Gentry's house and visited with the Gentry aunts. We took a walk around the Grey Fox neighborhood and had delicious homemade ice cream.

On Friday, Addy, mommy, Sarah and Juan went to the FW zoo. Addy really enjoyed the part she was awake for-mostly the Great Barrier Reef building with all the fish. Then we went to visit her third set of great-grandparents and great-aunts-the Hubers. Then daddy came back home-Addy slept through most of the greeting, but Toby sure was excited!

That concludes part 2 of 3.

Baby's 1st Roadtrip

Addy's first vacation was very busy but so much fun!

Our drive out on Friday was pretty good-only about 15 min of screaming. Then Saturday, she got to meet her great-grandma, Grandma Crippes, at lunch at Flannigans. Then she got to hang out with her Gentry aunts, went to church and met Father Jim, and then went to Roanoke and met some of the Gentry friends.

On Sunday, the 4th of July, she got to meet another great-grandma, Grandma Gentry. She also met Uncle Gary's family and her rockstar pseudo-uncle Jordan and his family. She also had her first fireworks show, which she slept through.

Then on Monday, daddy left her with mommy for her first overnight without him. That day, daddy also ate a huge ice cream sundae, the Mad Anthony from Atz's.

That was Part 1 of 3 of the vacation.