Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Addy is 3 months old today! Again, a lot has changed :) Her light blonde hair is growing in, while her dark hair on top is thinning out. She still has all the dark hair in the back though. Her arms and legs are getting pudgier, and her nails are all growing nicely. By my estimate, she's about 10 1/2 pounds now and close to 2 feet long! She's still working on getting a schedule down, but is mostly still sleeping well, and she is always eating more and more. She's started becoming more interested in toys and definitely loves looking around when we are outside. Sometimes that's the only thing that will calm her down. She's really chewing on her hands now, and sometimes holds blankets and clothes up to or puts them into her mouth. She also did roll over from her back across her right arm onto her belly. We haven't seen it since vacation, I guess she's just busy working on putting things in her mouth.

Her nighttime fussiness is starting to ease up a bit. It's only about every other night, and usually under an hour now. As long as she is being sufficiently entertained, she's happy! We do have to be more careful now, as slight noises now tend to wake her up when they didn't used to. Soon she'll probably have to nap in her dark, quiet room!

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