Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cards Game

The end of last week wasn't very exciting--just the normal staying at home, trying to finish unpacking and trying to keep a baby happy. Just sitting at home is not enough for Addy anymore. We always need to be changing scenery. She just hasn't been that interested in toys yet, so for now, its just always moving around that keeps her happy. Too bad the temperature outside is 95+ with heat indexes above 100.

Today was Addy's first baseball game. We were worried about the temperature and walking her around to keep her happy, but it all worked out really well. In the morning before the game, we had a thunderstorm that was messing with our power-off then on then off then on. It was still raining when Shawn, Brooks, and their significant others came over to see our house. We all went out for breakfast at a new place we found about 5 min away. It was really good :)

By the time we all got to the game, the sun had come out, but the temperature still did not go up too high. It was 76 at the start of the game, and we were standing in the shade. We had gotten up to our deck to where our seats were and we were trying to figure out what to do with our stroller. A handicapped section right in front of us was practically empty, so we asked the usher if we could sit there, since we had the stroller. He said yes, until someone comes who needs it and no one ever did, so we had comfy folding chairs in the shade with a breeze blowing in from behind us. It was gorgeous!

Addy was good for most of the game. She got fussy on and off, but mostly seemed to be enjoying looking around. About the beginning of the 8th inning, she passed out. At this point, it was 4-0 Dodgers and not looking so good. Since we had won the previous 3 games, we had mostly backups in this game, with none of our favorite players (Molina, Pujols, Rasmus...) All of a sudden, we scored 2 runs and then a 3rd-the crowd was going wild! Then, with 2 outs in the inning and a runner on base, Pujols comes up to pinch hit. Loooooooongest at bat ever! The excitement ended when Pujols hit a fielders choice to end the inning. But we were only down one run. We got the next 3 outs pretty easily. Molina comes in and is the next up to bat. He gets on base. The next guy bunts and gets Molina to second but is out himself. The next guy gets out. The next guy gets walked. So we have 2 on base, 2 outs, with our backup first baseman up. He had a few hits earlier in the game, but only has a .120 average. He gets a single-Molina scores!! The game is tied-the crowd goes even more wild! (Yes, Addy is still sleeping). Holliday comes up to bat-he has failed us many times.... after a few pitches in a lull, Addy wakes up. I get her out to see the last part of the inning. Holliday hits it to deep right field-its going, drops to the ground in fair territory-Jay scores-Cardinals win-fireworks go off. I look down, and Addy is screaming her head off-all the commotion scared her! It was so cute though.

We get her calmed down by feeding her (her newest favorite thing) and then we enjoy the HOT walk back. By now, it is 90 degrees, we are in the sun and there is no longer a breeze. At least it was just the 20 min walk to the car!

What a wonderful first baseball game for Addy-- Go Cards!


  1. I'd cry too if you made we wear that shirt!

  2. She loves it--that's just cheering.... :)