Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Pics before Summer!

Playtime video:
Riding her bike for the first time:
After picking out her own birthday present
Cleaning house

Wearing Poppy's tie

New doll cradle

Being a Wonderpet!
Pretty songs with mommy

Oh No!  She dyed her hand green with food coloring!

Our hail that gave us $12K worth of damage...

The hail falling:
Eating co-lock-it fay-fellow bunny

Josh at Shawn's wedding

Shawn and the "princess"
Cuddle Daddy

Shawn and Josh

And the last pics of the school year!

She stands out a little on jersey day...

Playing the xylophone

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd Birthday!

Addy's birthday present from mommy and daddy

Elmo book!

Puzzle from Toby

Addy helped to decorate her cake-she did great!

Sup Cuz?!

Party time!

She almost blew out the candles, but I didn't want to risk the spit on the cake :)

So proud!

Yum :)

Trying on her presents while opening them

Opening presents-literally took 3 separate times on 2 different days

Yep, that is supposed to be a shirt, not a skirt

Trying on new shoes...after the pants came off :)


Birthday ice cream a week before her birthday

This is a romper, not shorts...

And here's Addy, after she got dressed for the day, and then put on her pajamas over her clothes...backwards

Opening gifts that came in the mail.  I asked her who it was from, she told me "Santa!"

Toby wants to help

Once again, shirt on the legs

She loves reading her birthday cards!