Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy February!

Dance Party!

Sitting on their throne

And escaping from the throne


Loving this envelope :) "Dr. Erin"

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day and Aunt Sarah's Birthday!

Favorite siblings

School Camping

Fun with friends

Pure joy!

What's up?

Hat time

Valentine's Dance in the 1 year old room!

Chocolate Chase 5K

Hanging out at home

Valentine's present from Aunt Sarah!

Drinking milk helps you grow tall!!
Valentine's gifts-Chocolate Raffle winnings and Roses from my honey

Valentine's gift from Grandma and Grandpa G

Getting ready for St. Patty's day

Dancing at the Chocolate Chase

Loving the live jazz band

Cookies from grandma
Do I have cupcake on my face?

Valentine's treats from Grandma and Grandpa B

Happy Valentine's Day outfit!

Sweet baby

1 year old on a cot

Tom Cruise baby

Elsa watching Elsa!
Cool Baby

Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah!

Jack just wants the desserts!


Double fisting the drinks-water and milk!

Sushi for Aunt Sarah


He can get it on himself!!

Happy February!