Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Hot Hot Part 2

Grant's Farm with the Family and the 100 degree temperatures
Ready for the tram ride

Petting a goat
Feeding the Goats:





Riding the Carousel


Yummy snow cones

Addy was excited to join!

Feeding the llama...both have their tongues out ;)

And feeding a camel

Petting the Clydesdales

Baby Clydesdale
Random pics
Addy found her first Barbie in mommy's stuff...she already loves her :)

Chocolate covered marshmallows

She said No to more marshmallows...she must be full

Enjoying her doubleshot espresso

It's Toby Appleseed!

She really likes her beads
4th of July Parade
Lovin' It

Ready to wave her flags

Up High!

Hmm....the red tractor broke down.  Right in front of us.  This picture is for you, Uncle Steve!

Making noise with her new frisbee and ruler.  That's what they are for, right?
So Big!  (Also, so nice to be in from the hot weather)
4th of July Cards game
Back out to the hot sun...102 degree field temp...and that was in the shade...we were not.  So Addy got to enjoy some of mommy AND daddy's ice cream :)

A good night had by all!

Summer Fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGgSpeiM7o8&feature=plcp

And a few Addyisms:
Addy: "something is in my eye" Me: "what is it?" Addy: "my eyeball"
Addy: I have SWEATY feet!
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