Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big Eater!

Racing the horsey Addy named Red.

4 months old!

Not impressed

Riding the fish at the play place

Baby selfie

Addy: "How old do I look?" We decided she looks like she's 10 (height wise)

Happy Mardi Gras!

Mommy, take a picture of me eating mac and cheese!

Playing "castle" at the play place. She was the princess, one boy was the dragon and one boy was the knight who saved her.
The first day he got the hang of cereal. Key: no Addy-she is too much of a distraction

Loves his rice and oatmeal-begs for them every day :)

Just a boy and his dog

He knows how to grab hair!

Baby love

Big sis likes to try to feed him

Just watching some TV

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy 4 month Birthday!

Sweetly sleeping

Baptism present time!
Thanks everybody!!

Already cuddling

Sister always needs a piece of the action

but Jackson doesn't mind

my sleeping boys watching out for each other

I've got a bright idea!

Let in the ninja turtle!

Addy thought he should play with the bulb...
Happy Valentines Day breakfast! Donuts for us and Jack's first cereal for him!

He's not so sure about it

Daddy got to feed it to him :)

Not impressed yet

Addy loved her ninja turtle valentine treats though!

Jack did find a yummy treat...Mommy's thumb!

Addy thought it was funny

Eating the valentine present she got for daddy...
Bath time

Addy made Super Baby!

All snuggled for bedtime

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Baptism!

Baby Smile :)

Sibling love


Just chillin

Crazy hair

Ready to go to the mailbox!

Is it a snow buried dog?

Maybe a snow creature...

You can't see me!

especially once I fall asleep

Josh's first ham


Ready to play!

Happy Baptism Jack!