Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy January!

Addy's "Starry Night" picture was the top picture-she was very excited to see it after church, displayed for Lutheran Schools Week

Being a "Bander"

I mean, drummer.

Toby was really excited to get his picture taken

The best day to rake leaves-the last Sunday in January of course
(We do things a little late around here...)

Also, she asked to wear her winter coat-Josh and I were just wearing sweatshirts in the 60 degree weather :)
PS-it is now 11 degrees not even 24 hours later.
 School Pics from the last 2 weeks

Making her starry night picture


Play dough

Dance Break!

Time for a picnic with her best friend Haylee

Sorting Pom Poms

Playing a game learning prepositions (over, under, etc)

Technology time!

Making music with wood blocks


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It's Miss Keane!

It's for you!

Watching the Santa parade come down the street

Christmas Eve at Church

And at home

Christmas Morning

Addy lined up her toys as she opened them




Spoiled by Santa

Definitely the "right" way to play with the hunter

Matching PJs

Watching Toy Story on the way to Grandmas

Baby Owen and his Great Aunt

Story Time

Hats of the Aunts

Show your belly!
 School at Christmas time
Who pudding and milk

Decorating waffle cone Christmas Trees

Marshmallow Toss

Playing with pretend snow