Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eventful Weekend

Saturday, Addy spent most of the day with daddy, going shopping at Sears and the mall and playing while I studied. Saturday night, Addy and daddy slept great, while the storms kept me up. Usually I don't have a problem, but it was crazy outside. It wasn't a tornado type of storm, but there was a ton of lightening and thunder and rain, and it just kept going. At about 1am, I turned on the tv to the news and they were saying that 3 inches of rain had fallen in the past 2 hours. It came to a total of 6 inches in 5 hours! And then the tv went out, but the rest of the power was on. Finally the box rebooted, but I heard a crash downstairs. I had no idea what it was, but in the morning I found a little glass figurine had shaken off the wall and broken. Also that night, I thought I'd check out our retaining wall. We had about 4 waterfalls coming down, but the only damage was a little mud at the bottom of the wall in the morning. Whew!

Sunday we went to church and then went to our first River City Rascals game. We sat on the lawn seats, so we got to lay out a blanket, relax, have snacks, run around-it was really fun!

Yesterday, we met 2 sets of new neighbors. The first people are people from our church. Josh is helping out the school with some of their networking needs, so we dropped off a few items at someone's house. They actually live in the next neighborhood! The second set we met, because I heard the dog from the neighbors behind us. The dog sounded strange though, very loud. So I went to check out what was going on, and there was a little white yippee dog in our backyard, barking at Toby through the window. We returned him to his owners. Then the next night, we saw him again, this time in the neighbors next to us. Josh tracked him down and eventually we got him to his owner again. They aren't sure where he's getting out, and we didn't see him tonight, so maybe they figured it out.

Today daddy was sick too. We think he came down with a 24hr stomach flu, but he's feeling better now :)

After dinner, Addy was walking around the kitchen, when I thought I smelled something. I asked her if she pooped, and she said "Oh shh". We just started cracking up laughing!!!

Today Addy put all 9 shapes in her shape sorter without assistance (sort of). It was really awesome! She also really loves to point out people's noses, ears, and mouth. We are working on blowing kisses. She has the blowing part down, but not the rest of it. She is also starting to enjoy coloring with crayons. She likes her library books and banging on a noisy pot with a spaghetti scooper. Such fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back in the Game!

Back in the game, um, literally?! haha! Yesterday Addy was feeling better, but still not 100%. Today already seems about normal. She woke up and was chatting to herself in her room, and then went down for nap at her normal time. She threw another tantrum about her bear, of course, but we can keep working on that one. She ate her whole bowl of cereal AND a whole banana for breakfast, plus some of my cereal... She must be doing better!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for her anyway though. Of course we had the tantrums, but with a little extra cuddling, she didn't do too bad through the day. We went to the library and got new books, and she even got some cool prizes for her reading program. She got a new Clifford book, and 2 coupons to Sonic for treats. We also had some fun time outside, where she got her first boo-boo, a scraped up knee. Nothing a cold washcloth and bubbles for distraction couldn't fix!

And here's a little video to show how much better she's doing (check out her basketball plant foot at the end of the video, hahaha!):

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy Week!

Addy and I spent the first half of the week at VBS. She played in the nursery, while I helped with crafts. And of course, I leave Addy with other kids for three days, and she comes home with sickness. That didn't take long to kick in! Thursday morning she woke up with a mild fever, so she stayed home with daddy. She spent most of the day sleeping and relaxing, part from VBS, part from the sickness. She was feeling better on Friday morning, so we continued our plans to go to FW for the weekend. She did well in the car, but all weekend she was still sick. We came home and went to the doctor; she said she thinks it just a viral throat infection, as her throat was red.

Over the weekend though, we stopped in Terre Haute, at the mall for Addy to play a little bit during the road trip. Here is the playground they have. You can see the banana on the left, the sausage in the middle and the bowl of shredded wheat with blueberries on the right side. So silly, I just had to take a picture!

While we were in FW, one of Addy's favorite things to do was to put bear "to bed" in Toby's crate. She did it again and again... What a silly girl. At least while she was sick, mommy and daddy got to enjoy Ribfest, BBQ with baby Ben, and a movie.

Today was the 2nd day in a row with no fever. However, as Addy is finishing her recovery from her illness, we definitely have light switch baby back. She woke up in a good mood, and played a little until it was time for nap, which was 3 1/2 hours long! She ate a good lunch, but she threw quite the tantrum as we were getting ready to go to the store because I closed the door to her room. I thought she was going to throw up she was so upset. Then we went to the store with no problems, she even gave up her bear and paci (bear FINALLY got a much needed bath in the laundry). Then we came home, played for a little while, she took a 2 hour nap (I woke her up from both of these naps). Then we started to make dinner and she wanted nothing to do with being down on the ground. Then daddy came home and fed her, but she decided she didn't want vegetables and threw another fit, this time actually throwing up a little on daddy. Finally we got her calmed down, and she ate some cheese before going on a lovely walk and having a blast playing in the basement with Toby. She was like my normal little girl. Then she wanted to give Toby more treats, after she had given him a bunch already, and started to throw another tantrum when we didn't get her more treats. Uuuuuugggghhhh!!! We feel bad that she's sick, but not that bad! Oh well, she was tired, and we got her to bed. Hopefully she still sleeps ok after all her naps today!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun Weekend

It's been an exciting weekend for everyone. I shadowed at Walgreens in the pharmacy most of the day on Saturday. It was mostly what I thought it would be, and it sure brought back memories of working at Kroger! haha! Then I had an hour of free time before Josh and the baby came home; I didn't even know what to do!

Josh and Addy played and napped most of the morning, and then they went to a Make-A-Wish fundraiser/memorial for a friend of ours. The babies got to play (as you can see Addy and Maddie in the above pic. Such cute girls :)

Today we went to church, then Panera and then we made a stop at the Tot Lot Park. Addy was having a blast just running around. It's a little better than the park down the street from us, because it is almost completely fenced in, and more of the equipment is for kids her age and slightly older (parent friendly too!) Then after nap and dinner, we finally got to go for a walk. It finally wasn't too hot! Woohoo! This week is supposed to be much nicer too, no more highs in the mid-90s, we are going down to the mid-80s. Yea!

Before we went on our walk, we were waiting for this freak-rainshower (it was sunny and raining, but no rainbow) to end, and we already had Toby's leash on, so Addy decided to take Toby for a walk IN the house. That's when she was having too much fun and slammed into a corner of a wall, creating her first big boo-boo (see bruise in above picture). It is much more purple that this picture shows. But not even 30 seconds AFTER this happened, below is the video. (She recovers very quickly!!)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Things Everyday!

Here's Addy doing "cross your arms".

Addy eating with a fork for the first time. Well, once mommy stabs the noodles for her :)

The aftermath of eating by herself. She started to rub the plate in her hair when she was done...

Addy's had lots of firsts in the past few days. Daddy took her up for her first children's message at church, and he said she paid attention the whole time. She's learning to wash her hands and she loves it. Rubbing her hands together with soap and drying with the towel are her favorite parts. She also was playing with her pinwheel yesterday when she puckered up her lips and blew directly at it. It of course didn't go anywhere, but it was soooo cute! What a fun week already!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chicago Trip!

Well, I've finally gotten all our pictures uploaded from our extended vacation. You can see them by clicking on the link, then clicking on the first picture of me. From there you can scroll through them, one by one and reading the captions, or you can do the slideshow. You may have to slow down the slide show to read the captions though, which describe where we are/what we are doing. Enjoy!


We also have some videos:

Her love of peekaboo-on Skype and behind the hotel bed. She was doing it on the train, but got camera shy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajqzHhhWTp4

Her Frankenstein Walk:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIcvzusgjdA

And her favorite game, playing on the swings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FsCMUvVz4c

Since we have been home this past week though, we have done things other than a lot of laundry. Addy has learned to:
Cross her arms
How to "Frankenstein" walk all over the house
Blow nose on command
Push the cart at Target

She's been loving being home, playing with Toby and exploring every room on a whole new level, the standing up and walking around level!!