Friday, June 3, 2011

Chicago Trip!

Well, I've finally gotten all our pictures uploaded from our extended vacation. You can see them by clicking on the link, then clicking on the first picture of me. From there you can scroll through them, one by one and reading the captions, or you can do the slideshow. You may have to slow down the slide show to read the captions though, which describe where we are/what we are doing. Enjoy!

We also have some videos:

Her love of peekaboo-on Skype and behind the hotel bed. She was doing it on the train, but got camera shy.

Her Frankenstein Walk:

And her favorite game, playing on the swings:

Since we have been home this past week though, we have done things other than a lot of laundry. Addy has learned to:
Cross her arms
How to "Frankenstein" walk all over the house
Blow nose on command
Push the cart at Target

She's been loving being home, playing with Toby and exploring every room on a whole new level, the standing up and walking around level!!

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