Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eventful Weekend

Saturday, Addy spent most of the day with daddy, going shopping at Sears and the mall and playing while I studied. Saturday night, Addy and daddy slept great, while the storms kept me up. Usually I don't have a problem, but it was crazy outside. It wasn't a tornado type of storm, but there was a ton of lightening and thunder and rain, and it just kept going. At about 1am, I turned on the tv to the news and they were saying that 3 inches of rain had fallen in the past 2 hours. It came to a total of 6 inches in 5 hours! And then the tv went out, but the rest of the power was on. Finally the box rebooted, but I heard a crash downstairs. I had no idea what it was, but in the morning I found a little glass figurine had shaken off the wall and broken. Also that night, I thought I'd check out our retaining wall. We had about 4 waterfalls coming down, but the only damage was a little mud at the bottom of the wall in the morning. Whew!

Sunday we went to church and then went to our first River City Rascals game. We sat on the lawn seats, so we got to lay out a blanket, relax, have snacks, run around-it was really fun!

Yesterday, we met 2 sets of new neighbors. The first people are people from our church. Josh is helping out the school with some of their networking needs, so we dropped off a few items at someone's house. They actually live in the next neighborhood! The second set we met, because I heard the dog from the neighbors behind us. The dog sounded strange though, very loud. So I went to check out what was going on, and there was a little white yippee dog in our backyard, barking at Toby through the window. We returned him to his owners. Then the next night, we saw him again, this time in the neighbors next to us. Josh tracked him down and eventually we got him to his owner again. They aren't sure where he's getting out, and we didn't see him tonight, so maybe they figured it out.

Today daddy was sick too. We think he came down with a 24hr stomach flu, but he's feeling better now :)

After dinner, Addy was walking around the kitchen, when I thought I smelled something. I asked her if she pooped, and she said "Oh shh". We just started cracking up laughing!!!

Today Addy put all 9 shapes in her shape sorter without assistance (sort of). It was really awesome! She also really loves to point out people's noses, ears, and mouth. We are working on blowing kisses. She has the blowing part down, but not the rest of it. She is also starting to enjoy coloring with crayons. She likes her library books and banging on a noisy pot with a spaghetti scooper. Such fun!

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