Friday, June 24, 2011

Back in the Game!

Back in the game, um, literally?! haha! Yesterday Addy was feeling better, but still not 100%. Today already seems about normal. She woke up and was chatting to herself in her room, and then went down for nap at her normal time. She threw another tantrum about her bear, of course, but we can keep working on that one. She ate her whole bowl of cereal AND a whole banana for breakfast, plus some of my cereal... She must be doing better!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for her anyway though. Of course we had the tantrums, but with a little extra cuddling, she didn't do too bad through the day. We went to the library and got new books, and she even got some cool prizes for her reading program. She got a new Clifford book, and 2 coupons to Sonic for treats. We also had some fun time outside, where she got her first boo-boo, a scraped up knee. Nothing a cold washcloth and bubbles for distraction couldn't fix!

And here's a little video to show how much better she's doing (check out her basketball plant foot at the end of the video, hahaha!):

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