Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun Weekend

It's been an exciting weekend for everyone. I shadowed at Walgreens in the pharmacy most of the day on Saturday. It was mostly what I thought it would be, and it sure brought back memories of working at Kroger! haha! Then I had an hour of free time before Josh and the baby came home; I didn't even know what to do!

Josh and Addy played and napped most of the morning, and then they went to a Make-A-Wish fundraiser/memorial for a friend of ours. The babies got to play (as you can see Addy and Maddie in the above pic. Such cute girls :)

Today we went to church, then Panera and then we made a stop at the Tot Lot Park. Addy was having a blast just running around. It's a little better than the park down the street from us, because it is almost completely fenced in, and more of the equipment is for kids her age and slightly older (parent friendly too!) Then after nap and dinner, we finally got to go for a walk. It finally wasn't too hot! Woohoo! This week is supposed to be much nicer too, no more highs in the mid-90s, we are going down to the mid-80s. Yea!

Before we went on our walk, we were waiting for this freak-rainshower (it was sunny and raining, but no rainbow) to end, and we already had Toby's leash on, so Addy decided to take Toby for a walk IN the house. That's when she was having too much fun and slammed into a corner of a wall, creating her first big boo-boo (see bruise in above picture). It is much more purple that this picture shows. But not even 30 seconds AFTER this happened, below is the video. (She recovers very quickly!!)

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