Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hair Day :)

Addy's hair is now long enough AND she sat still long enough to put a barrette in her hair :)

And then she got really excited about an empty pop bottle.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking Day!


Wow it's been awhile! We've been busy just doing our normal stuff, playing, walking outside, enjoying the weather. :)

Addy is in her new, big girl car seat. This one doesn't have the removable base, and you can tell there is definitely more room in the seat for her now, although she does still sit backwards, for about another year.

We've been playing alot in Mommy's kitchen, especially since Addy's small kitchen sounds funny when she hasn't played with it in a day. It's already getting worn out, but I'm not surprised after how much she loves that thing! But she now loves her 2 drawers that mommy "gave" her, with pot holders, towels, and kitchen utensils to play with and leave all over the floor. :)

We've been playing at the park, eating bigger kid meals, walking up to 4-5 steps at a time, but she's still always looking to fall into mommy and daddy's arms :) She's grown out of almost all of her 9 month clothing, and many of her baby socks. I've also had to go up a size in shoes, since almost none of her shoes fit anymore.

On Saturday, since the weather was so gloomy, we went to the Magic House with Charlene and her kids. Addy's favorite part was a tie between the ball pit, which she loved exploring and...

the water table, which she loved telling everyone in the room about, as she very loudly "preached" from her seat.

She's found a few new favorite foods too, including peanut butter, pasta, quesadillas, and any fruit in a cup things. She has loved skyping the past week, especially playing peekabo with the camera, which I find quite hilarious. She was doing it with the window ledge the other day too, apparently playing with my rose bush...hahaha! Speaking of which, I finally got my garden in, we'll see if my plants survive! I hope so :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Addy's been up to all kinds of "no good" this weekend :) On Friday at Little Lambs, she crawled over to a doll stroller, stood up behind it like the other kids do, and then proceed to walk across the room pushing it, all by herself, like it was nothing :)

Yesterday, we went to the eye doctor. My vision in one eye got the slightest bit worse, while one of Josh's eyes got slightly better-so overall no change ;) haha! Then Addy had a babysitter at the neighbor's house. It seemed to go well, we'll see if she offers to watch all 3 kids at once again!

Today, I had a nice mother's day. French toast for breakfast, a magnet from the girl scouts at church. I got a beautiful watch and some candle things from Addy. Then we had a relaxing afternoon, before playing outside with bubbles and a ball. Daddy made BBQ for dinner and s'mores for dessert. So obviously after that Addy needed a bath (see above picture!). I gave her a very eventful bath: she let out her own bath water. She picked up the drain cover, then closed it again, about 3 times before all the water was out. It was pretty cute :)

Addy has also decided that she is going to be a preacher someday. Today during church, she was transfixed on the preacher during his sermon. Then outside, and later in the bath, she was just talking, when all of a sudden she would stick her arm out, wave it around, and talk in a loud voice. Sooooo funny!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Toby!!

Reading to Toby for his birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Toby!

Today, Toby has been getting treats for each meal, cause its his birthday!!! We'll celebrate with daddy later this weekend with puppy ice cream (and human ice cream for us!)

Addy and I have been keeping busy the past few days. We attempted to walk around the neighborhood garage sale yesterday, but we stopped to play with a friend's dogs, and Addy was laughing at them, as they ran around the yard and when they licked her hands. Put together they were smaller than Toby! Then at one neighbor's yard sale, there were a ton of kid toys and some of our other friends, so we stopped to play and chat for quite awhile. I got Addy a new toy, since she didn't want to leave it alone at the sale! Later we went to the mall and then took Toby on a walk.

Tuesday, we chatted with daddy on Skype. That was fun, she was smiling so big when she saw him. But of course, she just wanted to press all the buttons on the computer. We also went to Sam's to print some pictures. While we were waiting for them to be done, we read some of the books that were there and checked out the baby clothes. Addy really liked the clothes, especially the tags, haha!

We have discovered that Addy loves peanut butter. We've been giving it to her for about a week, and she loves it. She also likes turkey lunchmeat, pineapple chunks and fruit cups. She ate almost a whole pear fruit cup for a snack today. And she's finally eating the baby 3rd foods. She didn't like them because they had a lot of different textures, but now she's ok with them! She also really enjoys giving Toby his toys and treats. She thinks it is really fun. If he leaves his toy on the ground, she will go pick it up, then reach up to try to give it to him. If he's not there, she'll start crawling to wherever he is. Sooo cute!!

Here's a cute video from today. Listen really closely around the 1:15 mark.

Today, Addy and I had girls night out. First, we went out for dinner at DQ, then we went shopping, then we came back home for ice cream :) While we were out, we almost had rabbit stew! And crazy enough, it had nothing to do with Toby. We were driving through the mall parking lot, and a rabbit jumped into our lane, then toward me, then stopped and stared. I honked my horn, and he ran away. Sheesh!

Here's another video of Addy giggling. It is quite long, but if you stay and watch the whole thing, toward the end, you hear her burp loud, I'm guessing from all the air she swallowed in the middle of laughing so hard:

Monday, May 2, 2011


At the zoo, on her first choo choo train ride-she loved it!

Addy is becoming a big girl, not too much of a baby anymore! She now stands by herself to play with a toy, fully realizing what she's doing :) She has a ton of leg strength, as she can squat down by herself and stay there too. She's still pushing around chairs, but hasn't become brave enough quite yet to take those steps across the room.

I think I fed her one of the last, if not last, bottles today. She generally won't drink more than about 2 oz. by bottle anymore. There is just too much other stuff to do, rather than sit still to drink her bottle. So now she gets a little snack with her cups of milk during her "bottle" times.

We had a rough night last night. I think her shots are really getting to her. Saturday we had a little trouble putting her down to sleep. Last night was awful. She screamed and didn't want a drink or her paci or her bear or her medicine. But I guess I was able to get a little in her, because after a few lullabies, she calmed down enough that I could put her back in her crib. So an hour after I put her to bed, she actually went to sleep. Then she decided to wake up over an hour early, and scream, but thankfully that stopped after about 5 minutes and she went back to sleep. Ugg, we are definitely doing preemptive medicine tonight, since its the 4th night and traditionally the worst! Hopefully this stops soon...

Addy did get to go to her first playplace at McDonald's yesterday morning. She didn't really get to do anything with it though, since it was only a jungle gym. In another year or so, she'll be all over it :) We also saw all the damage around the airport yesterday. So crazy that it is only 7 miles from our house, and we barely had sprinkles, and there are whole homes gone over there. About half of the windows at the airport are boarded up, but most of the structures are still there. Crazy stuff!