Monday, May 2, 2011


At the zoo, on her first choo choo train ride-she loved it!

Addy is becoming a big girl, not too much of a baby anymore! She now stands by herself to play with a toy, fully realizing what she's doing :) She has a ton of leg strength, as she can squat down by herself and stay there too. She's still pushing around chairs, but hasn't become brave enough quite yet to take those steps across the room.

I think I fed her one of the last, if not last, bottles today. She generally won't drink more than about 2 oz. by bottle anymore. There is just too much other stuff to do, rather than sit still to drink her bottle. So now she gets a little snack with her cups of milk during her "bottle" times.

We had a rough night last night. I think her shots are really getting to her. Saturday we had a little trouble putting her down to sleep. Last night was awful. She screamed and didn't want a drink or her paci or her bear or her medicine. But I guess I was able to get a little in her, because after a few lullabies, she calmed down enough that I could put her back in her crib. So an hour after I put her to bed, she actually went to sleep. Then she decided to wake up over an hour early, and scream, but thankfully that stopped after about 5 minutes and she went back to sleep. Ugg, we are definitely doing preemptive medicine tonight, since its the 4th night and traditionally the worst! Hopefully this stops soon...

Addy did get to go to her first playplace at McDonald's yesterday morning. She didn't really get to do anything with it though, since it was only a jungle gym. In another year or so, she'll be all over it :) We also saw all the damage around the airport yesterday. So crazy that it is only 7 miles from our house, and we barely had sprinkles, and there are whole homes gone over there. About half of the windows at the airport are boarded up, but most of the structures are still there. Crazy stuff!

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