Monday, January 26, 2015

Around the house

A holiday and a snow day kept us inside most of the week, but we got lots of interesting pics anyway!
Family selfie

Addy wanted to take a pic

and then make a face ;)

We all got decorated!

Mommy's helper

Jack was helping us bake

vacuuming the stairs

even jack was intrigued

daddy time
Giddy up horsey

Serious face

Addy made her own sandwich-bologna with mac and cheese inside

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy 3 month Birthday!

Aaron and Jack
3 month photos

Cousin Richard's Wedding

Richard aka the prince

Taking her shoes off "because the princess took hers off

The chair ribbons became bow ties

Dancing with the princess

We got Joshua on the dance floor!

The matching ladies
our refrigerator with 10 wedding favors...
Addy's friend Brayden's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese

She got to eat the Marshall from his cake (she had a Marshall birthday cake for her 4th birthday too!) 

Josh's family photos


the 2 old men

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Go Colts!

Finally caught up!
My little ninja turtle

hanging in the handicap section of our first playoff game

Until we got playoff suite tickets!!!

*very* excited colts fan

Suite life!

Bring the Noise!

after bath time

Manly blanket...seriously, who buys a blanket with guns on it???

Roar! (those are lions on his shirt)