Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Hot Hot! Part 1

Helping mommy cook...or rather, clean up!

Did I get any chocolate on me?
Madhu's Bachelorette Party-Miami FL

More VBS photos-action shots of Addy

Taking care of daddy's cereal with him

Post-breakfast break time

Elmo has PURPLE shoes!

Sorry about the color on this one, but it was just so cute...her bass pro baseball cap and swimsuit

Happy Father's Day!

Little Red Riding Hood

Daddy's Day ice cream for dinner :)

So upset that the Tigers won the Cards series

"I want to take Big Bear to Big Girl Bed"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summertime...and the livin's easy

What a busy summer already! We've spent a week with friends and family in Indiana, then another week preparing for VBS, and now we are finished with the week of VBS! Addy did great in the new environment of the nursery during VBS-she told me "Bye Mommy" when I dropped her off, and loves to talk about all the fun things she did, like singing and playing outside. She also likes to talk about our "PBS" shirts-you can see them at the end of this post.

She is also talking more and more, picking up new phrases everyday.  Some of her recent favorites:
Hi there, Daddy
Bye there, Daddy
Oh, Thank you
Eat [food] with mouth
Mommy Erin, Daddy Josh, Addy is Adalyn
Addy do by self
Bye everybodies!

Waiting for the FW Memorial Day Parade
Here it comes!

Going for a ride

Parade...Aunt Sarah, Addy, animals, and Sister Jack

Poppy's Hat!

Best attempt at a group picture
Aunt Sarah and Sister Jack on their first walk

Addy's walking the cat!


Giddy up Horsey!

Happy Baby with poppy, black animal crackers, and watching Elmo TV
Finding the right song

Playing and singing
Enjoying a cupcake at the last little lambs, frosting first of course!

Our little Cookie Monster


Hey, this water table is really fun with water IN it!

Addy, Mommy and Toby tea party :) (Toby is a little confused)

Sharing her chair with Ming Ming, while Grover gets his own chair

Linny, sit in your chair and eat your cheerios!

Stopping to smell the flowers!

Playing trains with Hunter

Enjoying our visit!

Sister Jack is still following the dog

Splash Park with Aunt Sarah
And "Uncle" Juan
Loving the boats at Science Central...she played in here for almost an hour

Oops, got all wet!

Sitting in a Mammoth pawprint

Loving the tunnel

and the skateboard

Yum-loving Aunt Ally's cupcakes

The Birthday Boy did too :)

And he loved his new toys

Sup cuz?


Awesome rain boots

Silly Daddy and Addy!
Look Mommy! I decorated the stairs with baby wipes!
Early last week, we "built" Addy's big girl bed. She LOVES it. Every night we put her to bed, she says "Addy climb in big girl bed. By self." She's so proud and can't wait to get in it. And she stays in the bed until I open the door. Last night, she climbed in there before giving good night hugs. I said, "What about mommy and daddy's hugs and kisses?" Addy replies, "I forgot" and climbs back out :) She has also started saying "I'm proud of you" while giving a big hug! haha!
Daddy is still building the bed, and she's already sleeping in it.

What a goofball!

First night in her big girl bed!
A little blurry-She's sleeping with her feet dangling off the side of the bed.  So much freedom in this big girl bed!

We have been very busy with VBS this week! Addy loves being in the nursery with her friends, and I have been teaching the bible story of the day to about 45 four year olds, very exhausting!
My "Treehouse" room

Addy and mommy heading to SKY VBS!
Bye Everybodies!