Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Time

Yesterday, we worked on projects around the house. Addy helped with the paper towels. We finally got our living room done-it looks awesome, but you'll just have to come over and see it for yourself :) It was gorgeous outside again, so we took a family walk around the neighborhood. In the evening, we got a babysitter and went to a friend's 40th birthday party. It was lots of fun hanging out with adults again!

Today we went to church and came home for lunch. I just have to say: I HATE BABY GATES. And I think Josh will agree with me x10. Hopefully Grandpa Badenhop can help us out this weekend?? :D We also don't like the cabinet locks we installed either, so we need to find something else. blah. We also watched the Hoosiers lose such a close game, in overtime :( So sad. Maybe when we play at home, we can beat those Spartans!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Houston, we have a .....tooth??

Addy, practicing her standing

Today, another cable guy came out to finish installing all our TVs. We had to run a new cable to the upstairs, and Addy slept through alot of that noise, I'm not quite sure how, but I'm glad she did! We did a lot of playing today, as usual. This afternoon, we were playing on the floor, and I noticed something white in her mouth. So I put my finger in, and found a tooth. Not one of the front 2, one of the top ones on the outside of those two. Very strange....

Today, we also had probably the best 20 minutes of the week. After Addy's 2nd nap, I took her downstairs, and started to open the front door. She let out an excited giggle. We decided that it was nice enough to take a walk, so we put on sunscreen and a hat:

Then we went to get Toby in from the backyard and he got soooo excited when he saw the leash. He pulled us down the driveway, but after that, he was very good. We walked down the street, and Toby pranced through the piles of snow along the road. It was nice to have 50 degree weather and snow... :D The perfect mix!

One more video for your viewing pleasure:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soooo Big!!

Today was a busy day, full of new things. Today Addy ate a whole banana by herself, half at lunch and half at dinner. She now won't eat the smaller slices I cut for her, they must be chunks. She's already that picky ;) She also loves to watch the toilet flush and the water in the bathtub go down the drain. Right now she's fascinated, not scared :) We also have a daily ritual where I hold her, wrap a blanket around her and we go and get the mail. So now, whenever I put the blanket around her, she smiles real big, cause she knows what's coming! She also has now used all of her small diapers; we are completely in size 3 now-they are sooo much bigger!! haha! I also changed her carseat to the largest kid setting. She's not going to fit much longer-she's too tall!

We also played 2 new games today: Addy is sooooo big and she put her own arms up. We also did a game where she would pull herself to standing when I said stand up, and then when I said sit down, she'd bend her knees and fall on her butt and give me a big smile. Very fun!

We also had a member of the family gliding today-and it wasn't Addy. Addy and I came upstairs and found Toby at the back window, as is his usual stakeout spot. There we saw his arch-nemesis, the squirrel, sitting at the very top of our tree. So I was very interested to see what the squirrel would do if I let Toby out. As soon as he heard the door open, the squirrel ran down the tree and Toby was inches from him, until they reached the fence and the squirrel jumped up on it. Once the squirrel was out of reach, Toby very determinedly was sniffing the top of the fence, jumping with his back legs, gliding along the posts. It was quite funny!!!

Here's a video of Addy's current mobility:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Addy, "eating" her kitchen.

Yesterday, Addy and I played some of her favorite games, like knocking over block towers and pulling things out of containers. Also a new game, playing in the water with Cheerios. She also took her first "gliding" step/hand move. She really had to work up the courage to move her hand from one chair "peg" to the next "peg". She was so proud of herself too. We also waited for our new cable. The guy was 2-4 hours late (based on their appt. window) but we got it done :) Yea! We had to spend all day without daddy though, since he was out of town on business :(

Today, I had to wake Addy up, because she was sleeping in too long :) We did a little shopping and found a new baby gate. Hopefully this one will work :/ We also got a bathmat for Addy's tub, so she can graduate from her infant sling. We also had an afternoon visit from daddy, during his super busy work day, again. We worked on gliding again, trying to get a step in there too, but not very successfully. She has also grown out of her first pair of size 9mo. pants...already!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Baby

Friday for Addy's birthday, we went to Little Lambs. However, when we got there, Addy was only one of 3 kids who came (remember, we just had all the snow a day earlier). The nursery was also having some work done, as it was only 44 degrees inside. So we played with some trucks for awhile in a different room, and then we all left. Hopefully everything goes better next time! Then we went to the grocery store in the afternoon-eventful day!

Saturday, we cleaned the house a little bit, then did a little shopping for necessary repair stuff: new wiper blades, nails, new snow shovel, shelving brackets. A book I ordered finally came in the mail too-basically, is pharmacy for you? I got about a third of it read! Then we put Addy to bed early for a wonderful, baby-free dinner. Toby didn't get the memo though, so he was hanging out, waiting for food to drop....

Yesterday, we went to church, Panera, and then I went to a "purse" party, called a 31 party. Similar to Pampered Chef, with purses and organizers, etc. While I was gone, apparently Addy pooped THRICE in an hour (all you Conan fans should appreciate that)! You'll have to ask Josh for the whole story, but it sounded like he had fun. Then I came home, we watched a little football, and I finished my book. I think I'm ready to start applying to pharmacy schools. Creighton University in Omaha, NE has a distance learning program, where I could do almost all my work from here, and travel there for 2-4 weeks during the summer (its a little over 6 hours away). Very interesting option..... :)

Today, Addy and I worked on the laundry, cleaning up the house, and doing my daily workout (have I mentioned I've lost my first 5 pounds already, Josh has lost 10!) While I was doing the workout, Addy was playing with her kitchen. Today she decided that the light above the sink that blinks when the music plays, needed to be eaten. So she was trying to put it in her mouth, but the kitchen is a little to tall for her to be really successful at it, so it was really funny! After a nap, we went to the mall for a little bit and I got her some cute clothes from gap for free (I had a gift card, they were on clearance, and the clearance was 40% off :)) Then we went to the doctor, who says she's doing great! She's now onto the 10th percentile for her weight, right at 16lbs., and about at the 50th percentile for height, although she was being pretty squirmy and the doctor thinks she looks taller than that ;) She only had to get one shot today, which was nice, much better than 4 at once!! Today we were working on rolling a ball, and drinking from a sippy cup, but without the stopper. Fun Fun!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday!

Addy is just moving right months that is :) She is getting bigger and heavier every day! 16 lbs. even! Her nails don't need to be trimmed nearly as often, but her bangs almost need a little trim, so she now gets her hair styled off to the side. She is in mostly 9 mo. clothes, size 3 diapers and can't really use any of her baby equipment anymore (bumbo, swing, play seat, etc.) We are now onto booster seats and baby gates!

Addy is starting to pull up on me and sometimes other things, like her gate or the bathtub ledge. She can stand against things, but hasn't started to glide quite yet.

She is eating whole jars of 2nd foods now, although many of the vegetable mixes she doesn't seem to like. But if you mix it with sweet potatoes, she doesn't care! She is also just starting to eat "normal" food-slices of banana, cheerios, bits of bread, pancakes. She is still on her medicine too, hopefully we can get her off of it soon.

She is starting to follow instructions, such as wave hi or bye and give love(which is leaning her head on your shoulder). She doesn't really enjoy the snow yet, but she does still like to be outside, as long as it isn't too bitterly cold. She loves playing with anything that isn't a toy, from kitchen utensils to pens to daddy's badge. She also loves songs with motions, like Itsy Bitsy Spider and If you're happy and you know it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Record Snow!

Today we watched the snow plows in Addy AND Toby's biggest snow of their lives!

Today was a fun day, since we woke up to so much snow! It continued snowing through the morning, before stopping:

I got to play with the dog in the backyard-that was a lot of fun. Addy and I played (in the house), except after her second nap, she was in a bad mood almost the whole rest of the day. Very strange. But then while we were waiting for daddy to come home, I got her to laugh harder than I've ever heard her laugh before. Toby loves empty paper towel rolls, and I was teasing/playing with him with one-and she just thought it was the greatest thing. I would move it around, so he'd just barely miss it, and she thought it was great! We called daddy and even he got to hear it.

A few things I forgot to mention yesterday-Addy drank her first 8oz bottle all at once! It was her first bottle of the morning, and she devoured it :) Since Addy is already a slightly picky eater, any food that I have she doesn't like, I can mix with sweet potatoes and she eats it. It has only worked everytime with sweet potatoes. I guess I need to stock up. Also, Josh and I will have our first nephew ~in June!

And one last thing, here's a silly video I shot this morning-

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty boring day-Addy and I did laundry and played around the house.

Today, we went to the mall for our weekly walk. First we had to stop at Baby's R Us and return our gate for the stairs that we bought. This safety, baby-proofing stuff is a nightmare. I've been putting it off, cause I don't want to have to mess with gates and locks any longer than I have to, but now just finding the right stuff is a nightmare too. I think I found the gate we need, but I'd rather wait until its on sale or I have a coupon, since it's $75! We just paid off the Christmas bills-come on! :)

When we got home, we had snacks and played with toys and some old boxes. For snack at dinner, Addy had her first cheerios and some apples slices. She loved both :) Cheerios will probably be the go-to snack now, since they are alot cheaper and mommy and daddy can enjoy them too.

There is a snowstorm coming again tonight and tomorrow...they say 6-7 inches, we are hoping!

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 day weekend

Eating her own banana!

Saturday, we spent the day working and playing around the house. Nothing exciting.

Sunday, we went to church, which just like last week screwed up her nap schedule. So she only got one nap in, but she did go to bed early, so that was nice :) We also watched the patriots get beat!!!! Go Jets! Now I could really care less who wins the games anymore :)

Today we went to the science center. Addy did pretty good. She enjoyed touching all the new things and people watching and screeching at the top of her lungs! Now I'm off to Bunko with the girls!

Friday, January 14, 2011

All By Myself!

Today I bought $20 worth of baby food for $4.31 that will feed Addy for at least 10 days. I rock!

After we were done at the store, we came home and Addy fed herself some baby cheetos (we call them), some banana, some bread, and 6 oz of her bottle-all herself! She's getting really good at holding her own bottle, except as it gets to the end, I have to help her tilt it up so she can get the last of it.

She also has started pulling herself up on things other than me. During my shower, she pulled her butt off the floor using her Superyard, and then just a few minutes ago, she pulled herself to her knees using the chair I was sitting on. She couldn't figure out where to go after that ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday's outfit was a ducky sleep n' play, that says Squeeze me!

Yesterday, we went to the mall and walked around. Addy decided she needed to be carried about halfway through our walk, which was about 20 min of me holding her. When she wasn't trying to push the stroller, she was trying to look down at the ground, so that was an extra challenge. Fun Fun...

Today's shirt is a Peace Love and Cupcakes shirt...although it should just say, "do i have banana on my face?" :)

Today I finally got Addy to eat "real" food. She was eating pieces of banana off of her tray. When she couldn't pick them up with her hands because they were too sticky, she would scoot the piece over to the edge of the tray closest to her, put her mouth on the tray and eat it that way. It was pretty funny. She also ate a little French bread, which was part of Josh and I's dinner. Oh yeah, and Toby got some too. ;) We also went to the grocery store and Kohl's today. After we left the grocery store early this afternoon, Addy was pretty much cranky the rest of the day. I wonder if those teeth will finally come in????

Addy definitely has a few favorite songs right now-the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus-especially the baby, mommy, daddy and puppy verses. (Yes, we made up the last two, we couldn't leave them out!) Yesterday and today, the windchills were in single digits or below, and tomorrow we will have to go outside again, before all our snow melts :( What a crazy city.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday, Addy modeled a polka dot long sleeved shirt with cute pink jumper.

Yesterday was a good, busy day. We did laundry and some cleaning. Addy was in a good mood and extra playful. Daddy came home early, because of all the snow coming :) We decided to take Addy out for her first time playing in the snow (even though it had only just started snowing):

She was a little confused as to why she was dressed so warm, until we went out. We took her sledding, which she didn't care about, one way or another. But then she got to eat some of the snow-that she loved :) After that, it was bedtime in her new pjs:

Then, this morning we went back outside, after most of the snow had fallen, about 3 inches total. She was less than thrilled, but we had fun!

Today, daddy worked from home, so we tried not to bug him too much. We did a lot of playing, as usual. Our little girl is definitely growing up, and out of much of her stuff: her bouncy chair, the bumbo, her size 6 mo. clothes, her stage 1 foods, her size 1-2 diapers (she has to wear the next size up at night-the little ones can't hold it all!). She's getting close to outgrowing her bath sling too, so I'll have to wash her hair while she sits up :/ not looking forward to that! Soon she'll outgrow Toby, and we'll have to buy her a new pony :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking down the decorations

Yesterday, Addy modeled her new sweats over her Colts outfit.

We spent the day taking down Christmas decorations inside. It's sad that Christmas is over, but I'm ready to finish decorating our house....finally. That is the next challenge.

We also set up a children under 3 cage. May come in very useful some days :) We will also not speak about what we did last night. We are still in mourning :(

Today, Addy was a Gap model in her dress, shoes and hoodie.

Today we went to church, but it was past Addy's naptime, so she was struggling toward the end of church. If the announcements wouldn't have gone so long, we would have been just fine. We went to Panera, where I ruined my diet for the day, took down Christmas lights outside, hung up some sports stuff on the basement walls, made homemade baby food (don't try it-too much work, and she didn't even like it that much!) and relaxed. Addy only took the one nap today, so she went to bed early which was nice. She also woke up today at 8:30! Amazing...:) I did lose 2 pounds of holiday weight in this first week-Seester, you are going down!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

SNOW...sort of

Today, Addy is modeling a blue shirt with white jumper and pink boots. And I am modeling my new t-shirt and my fabulous new hairdo, thanks to Katelyn!

Too bad the snow melted the second it hit the ground. It snowed ALL day, but still barely a dusting on the grass. So sad :(

Today, Addy and I went to Little Lambs. It was freeeezing in the nursery, but the rest was fun. Addy had her first snack with the group too. She looked so cute sitting in her toddler chair at the very short table :) Then we came home and played like usual. She pulled up on me a few times today again, and she even accidentally let out a whistle. It was very short, and she didn't do it again, but it sure was cool.

This afternoon, we saw Toby sitting at the back door looking out. He was shaking, almost like he was cold. He glanced at us for a second, then went back to looking outside. I went over to the window, and there he was, a squirrel, sitting in our tree looking right at Toby enjoying an acorn. I released Toby, and they both went running, at crazy speeds!! It was pretty amusing to watch.

Cute video from today:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"...time to put something in my tummy"

Today, Addy is modeling an Old Navy ensemble, shirt, jean skirt and ruffly socks.

So today we've been playing with her kitchen...just a little, as you can see from the title. She likes to go back and forth between two songs by playing with two different things. Usually she doesn't let the song finish, and sometimes it barely starts. Yea for noisy toys :\

Today we returned a few things and walked around the mall. I started doing the 10K steps challenge with my new pedometer. I didn't come nearly as close as I thought I would. We'll have to try again tomorrow! Addy has started smacking her lips. It's pretty funny to watch :) She's also trying to pull up on her own. We'll keep working on it...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Recovering!

Today starts the weeks of wearing all the new clothes Addy got for Christmas. Here she is modeling a "Little Princess" one piece outfit with a double skirt :) as well as Christmas socks!

Today, daddy worked from home, so we tried not to bug him too much :) We did a lot of playing and unpacking, still. We also went to the grocery store to buy lots of healthy food. Josh and I are going to win the weight challenge!! Then, Addy woke up a little too early from her nap, so she helped me with the dishes:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Pics

As you have seen, I posted my Christmas pics to Snapfish. When you look at them, be sure to hit slideshow, and then show captions in the lower right corner. Enjoy! We sure had fun, but now we are still unpacking and settling in. Welcome 2011!

Christmas 2010 (31 photos), by ERin b

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