Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday's outfit was a ducky sleep n' play, that says Squeeze me!

Yesterday, we went to the mall and walked around. Addy decided she needed to be carried about halfway through our walk, which was about 20 min of me holding her. When she wasn't trying to push the stroller, she was trying to look down at the ground, so that was an extra challenge. Fun Fun...

Today's shirt is a Peace Love and Cupcakes shirt...although it should just say, "do i have banana on my face?" :)

Today I finally got Addy to eat "real" food. She was eating pieces of banana off of her tray. When she couldn't pick them up with her hands because they were too sticky, she would scoot the piece over to the edge of the tray closest to her, put her mouth on the tray and eat it that way. It was pretty funny. She also ate a little French bread, which was part of Josh and I's dinner. Oh yeah, and Toby got some too. ;) We also went to the grocery store and Kohl's today. After we left the grocery store early this afternoon, Addy was pretty much cranky the rest of the day. I wonder if those teeth will finally come in????

Addy definitely has a few favorite songs right now-the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus-especially the baby, mommy, daddy and puppy verses. (Yes, we made up the last two, we couldn't leave them out!) Yesterday and today, the windchills were in single digits or below, and tomorrow we will have to go outside again, before all our snow melts :( What a crazy city.

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