Friday, January 7, 2011

SNOW...sort of

Today, Addy is modeling a blue shirt with white jumper and pink boots. And I am modeling my new t-shirt and my fabulous new hairdo, thanks to Katelyn!

Too bad the snow melted the second it hit the ground. It snowed ALL day, but still barely a dusting on the grass. So sad :(

Today, Addy and I went to Little Lambs. It was freeeezing in the nursery, but the rest was fun. Addy had her first snack with the group too. She looked so cute sitting in her toddler chair at the very short table :) Then we came home and played like usual. She pulled up on me a few times today again, and she even accidentally let out a whistle. It was very short, and she didn't do it again, but it sure was cool.

This afternoon, we saw Toby sitting at the back door looking out. He was shaking, almost like he was cold. He glanced at us for a second, then went back to looking outside. I went over to the window, and there he was, a squirrel, sitting in our tree looking right at Toby enjoying an acorn. I released Toby, and they both went running, at crazy speeds!! It was pretty amusing to watch.

Cute video from today:

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