Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty boring day-Addy and I did laundry and played around the house.

Today, we went to the mall for our weekly walk. First we had to stop at Baby's R Us and return our gate for the stairs that we bought. This safety, baby-proofing stuff is a nightmare. I've been putting it off, cause I don't want to have to mess with gates and locks any longer than I have to, but now just finding the right stuff is a nightmare too. I think I found the gate we need, but I'd rather wait until its on sale or I have a coupon, since it's $75! We just paid off the Christmas bills-come on! :)

When we got home, we had snacks and played with toys and some old boxes. For snack at dinner, Addy had her first cheerios and some apples slices. She loved both :) Cheerios will probably be the go-to snack now, since they are alot cheaper and mommy and daddy can enjoy them too.

There is a snowstorm coming again tonight and tomorrow...they say 6-7 inches, we are hoping!

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