Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Baby

Friday for Addy's birthday, we went to Little Lambs. However, when we got there, Addy was only one of 3 kids who came (remember, we just had all the snow a day earlier). The nursery was also having some work done, as it was only 44 degrees inside. So we played with some trucks for awhile in a different room, and then we all left. Hopefully everything goes better next time! Then we went to the grocery store in the afternoon-eventful day!

Saturday, we cleaned the house a little bit, then did a little shopping for necessary repair stuff: new wiper blades, nails, new snow shovel, shelving brackets. A book I ordered finally came in the mail too-basically, is pharmacy for you? I got about a third of it read! Then we put Addy to bed early for a wonderful, baby-free dinner. Toby didn't get the memo though, so he was hanging out, waiting for food to drop....

Yesterday, we went to church, Panera, and then I went to a "purse" party, called a 31 party. Similar to Pampered Chef, with purses and organizers, etc. While I was gone, apparently Addy pooped THRICE in an hour (all you Conan fans should appreciate that)! You'll have to ask Josh for the whole story, but it sounded like he had fun. Then I came home, we watched a little football, and I finished my book. I think I'm ready to start applying to pharmacy schools. Creighton University in Omaha, NE has a distance learning program, where I could do almost all my work from here, and travel there for 2-4 weeks during the summer (its a little over 6 hours away). Very interesting option..... :)

Today, Addy and I worked on the laundry, cleaning up the house, and doing my daily workout (have I mentioned I've lost my first 5 pounds already, Josh has lost 10!) While I was doing the workout, Addy was playing with her kitchen. Today she decided that the light above the sink that blinks when the music plays, needed to be eaten. So she was trying to put it in her mouth, but the kitchen is a little to tall for her to be really successful at it, so it was really funny! After a nap, we went to the mall for a little bit and I got her some cute clothes from gap for free (I had a gift card, they were on clearance, and the clearance was 40% off :)) Then we went to the doctor, who says she's doing great! She's now onto the 10th percentile for her weight, right at 16lbs., and about at the 50th percentile for height, although she was being pretty squirmy and the doctor thinks she looks taller than that ;) She only had to get one shot today, which was nice, much better than 4 at once!! Today we were working on rolling a ball, and drinking from a sippy cup, but without the stopper. Fun Fun!

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