Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking down the decorations

Yesterday, Addy modeled her new sweats over her Colts outfit.

We spent the day taking down Christmas decorations inside. It's sad that Christmas is over, but I'm ready to finish decorating our house....finally. That is the next challenge.

We also set up a children under 3 cage. May come in very useful some days :) We will also not speak about what we did last night. We are still in mourning :(

Today, Addy was a Gap model in her dress, shoes and hoodie.

Today we went to church, but it was past Addy's naptime, so she was struggling toward the end of church. If the announcements wouldn't have gone so long, we would have been just fine. We went to Panera, where I ruined my diet for the day, took down Christmas lights outside, hung up some sports stuff on the basement walls, made homemade baby food (don't try it-too much work, and she didn't even like it that much!) and relaxed. Addy only took the one nap today, so she went to bed early which was nice. She also woke up today at 8:30! Amazing...:) I did lose 2 pounds of holiday weight in this first week-Seester, you are going down!!!

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