Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Addy, "eating" her kitchen.

Yesterday, Addy and I played some of her favorite games, like knocking over block towers and pulling things out of containers. Also a new game, playing in the water with Cheerios. She also took her first "gliding" step/hand move. She really had to work up the courage to move her hand from one chair "peg" to the next "peg". She was so proud of herself too. We also waited for our new cable. The guy was 2-4 hours late (based on their appt. window) but we got it done :) Yea! We had to spend all day without daddy though, since he was out of town on business :(

Today, I had to wake Addy up, because she was sleeping in too long :) We did a little shopping and found a new baby gate. Hopefully this one will work :/ We also got a bathmat for Addy's tub, so she can graduate from her infant sling. We also had an afternoon visit from daddy, during his super busy work day, again. We worked on gliding again, trying to get a step in there too, but not very successfully. She has also grown out of her first pair of size 9mo. pants...already!

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