Thursday, January 20, 2011

Record Snow!

Today we watched the snow plows in Addy AND Toby's biggest snow of their lives!

Today was a fun day, since we woke up to so much snow! It continued snowing through the morning, before stopping:

I got to play with the dog in the backyard-that was a lot of fun. Addy and I played (in the house), except after her second nap, she was in a bad mood almost the whole rest of the day. Very strange. But then while we were waiting for daddy to come home, I got her to laugh harder than I've ever heard her laugh before. Toby loves empty paper towel rolls, and I was teasing/playing with him with one-and she just thought it was the greatest thing. I would move it around, so he'd just barely miss it, and she thought it was great! We called daddy and even he got to hear it.

A few things I forgot to mention yesterday-Addy drank her first 8oz bottle all at once! It was her first bottle of the morning, and she devoured it :) Since Addy is already a slightly picky eater, any food that I have she doesn't like, I can mix with sweet potatoes and she eats it. It has only worked everytime with sweet potatoes. I guess I need to stock up. Also, Josh and I will have our first nephew ~in June!

And one last thing, here's a silly video I shot this morning-

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