Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soooo Big!!

Today was a busy day, full of new things. Today Addy ate a whole banana by herself, half at lunch and half at dinner. She now won't eat the smaller slices I cut for her, they must be chunks. She's already that picky ;) She also loves to watch the toilet flush and the water in the bathtub go down the drain. Right now she's fascinated, not scared :) We also have a daily ritual where I hold her, wrap a blanket around her and we go and get the mail. So now, whenever I put the blanket around her, she smiles real big, cause she knows what's coming! She also has now used all of her small diapers; we are completely in size 3 now-they are sooo much bigger!! haha! I also changed her carseat to the largest kid setting. She's not going to fit much longer-she's too tall!

We also played 2 new games today: Addy is sooooo big and she put her own arms up. We also did a game where she would pull herself to standing when I said stand up, and then when I said sit down, she'd bend her knees and fall on her butt and give me a big smile. Very fun!

We also had a member of the family gliding today-and it wasn't Addy. Addy and I came upstairs and found Toby at the back window, as is his usual stakeout spot. There we saw his arch-nemesis, the squirrel, sitting at the very top of our tree. So I was very interested to see what the squirrel would do if I let Toby out. As soon as he heard the door open, the squirrel ran down the tree and Toby was inches from him, until they reached the fence and the squirrel jumped up on it. Once the squirrel was out of reach, Toby very determinedly was sniffing the top of the fence, jumping with his back legs, gliding along the posts. It was quite funny!!!

Here's a video of Addy's current mobility:

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