Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Lion Luau Day

Someone didn't feel the need to wear pants

Checking out sissy

Lunch with my favorite little guy

"Here, use a napkin." Success...

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Piggy back rides

Football throwing

Horsey rides

Addy labeled Grandma's pumpkins too

Picking the last of the green peppers

Fall walk

Baby selfie
Ohio State babies

Enjoying a favorite book together

Someone got jealous of the fun

Happy Veteran's Day!

"High Five!" (after nutella sandwiches for lunch)

Getting a kick out of watching himself on video
"Look at us using teamwork!"

Missing tooth #2

Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween Fun!

Girls day at the zoo Halloween!

Awesome pumpkin "sculptures"

Straw maze

Hanging out with a friend

Chat with her bestie-Echo. Came over after she called him by name!

Pigs are excited for pumpkins

More cute pumpkins

A cute puppy


Success at Trick-or-Treating!

And then pumpkin picking ;)
Our pumpkins


Green peppers are delicious :)

Fuzzy catepillars

A little baseball


Two silly kids

Snack break

Ninja Turtle and Elsa

Figuring out trick or treat

Big boy!

Sibling love

Walking with Aunt Maddi

Grandma and Aunt Maddi...the bucket got heavy by this point!

Showing daddy his haul

Halloween Puppy Chow :)