Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Spring!

On Saturday, we went to the circus.  Addy's favorite part was before it even started-riding on an elephant!
So excited

Ready to ride

We had so much fun!

And after the circus, we showed Addy the things we bought her the night before at the auction:

She has nicknamed her new house the "Magic House"

The dog likes to hang out on the chimney
The Sunday we got a record 12 inches of snow!!  We needed spring to get here to finally get snow :)

Relaxing on a snowy day
First Addy let me take a nap with her bear, then daddy got to :)  So sweet!

Then after a snow day from school for Addy (but not from Mommy's test) and a busy Tuesday, we finally made snowmen after 3 days of it melting.

Our first snowman "Mommy"
Daddy snowman

Whole family! (notice the daddy head is fell off while we were making the Addy snowman

Grandma snowman- I ran out of cantaloupe for the noses, so this one was a piece of pizza crust.  And yes, she asked for a Grandpa snowman, but I didn't even want to make the Grandma, so I said No, Sorry grandpas!

After one day (sorry, I took the pic at night)
And trying to get her own toy from under the couch

So funny to watch!
School Pics

Music Time

painting "chocolate bunnies"

She loves "clicking" the eggs

Addy couldn't even tell me what she was doing here...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day!

At the VERY cold St. Patty's day parade!


But we caught LOTS of beads-25 to be exact

Big Hug

So sweet

Puppy Style

My favorite parade goodie

I love this one, because of the way she's choking me :)
 Here is our trip to the Magic House-Addy's big trip for being potty trained.  She's still doing awesome, with mostly just logistical accidents (not pulling her pants down all the way, for example!) We spent 4 1/2 hours here, and she still didn't want to leave. Here's why:
Doing letters-go figure, her favorite activity

Musical ball rolling

Making music with a really large wheel

Daddy is tracing her on the large chalkboard
Her Addy picture!

Up on stage-it was loud, haha!

Hanging out at the podium

Daddy being a judge

Addy helping daddy be a judge

Addy being a judge

Hockey corner

Floating balls

Loved this

Hole in One!

Bubble board

BIG bubbles

Addy is IN a bubble!

Sand and a lightboard-we really had to pry her from this one

and a BIG slide

adjusting the radio-fresh beat band of course
Sand table

Driving the car


Following her fish back down the stream

Digging in the rubber chips

Driving a delivery truck-daddy is the delivery!

Fixing the engine of the race car

And changing a tire!

Water table!

Checking out the bottom of the car

Squirt daddy!

Daddy squirt Addy!


Still so funny AND everyone is dry :)

Cleaning a doggy

And brushing him

Serving up some ice cream

Feeding a newborn

And rocking her
 And finally-we always tell you about him, but here's the hoarder with the rarely opened garage door-he just sold his car for a nice new one....big surprise, I could already see the back filled with stuff.
 And of course, School Pics!

Trains with the boys, as usual

Hunting Easter eggs

Lions and Lambs for March