Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day!

At the VERY cold St. Patty's day parade!


But we caught LOTS of beads-25 to be exact

Big Hug

So sweet

Puppy Style

My favorite parade goodie

I love this one, because of the way she's choking me :)
 Here is our trip to the Magic House-Addy's big trip for being potty trained.  She's still doing awesome, with mostly just logistical accidents (not pulling her pants down all the way, for example!) We spent 4 1/2 hours here, and she still didn't want to leave. Here's why:
Doing letters-go figure, her favorite activity

Musical ball rolling

Making music with a really large wheel

Daddy is tracing her on the large chalkboard
Her Addy picture!

Up on stage-it was loud, haha!

Hanging out at the podium

Daddy being a judge

Addy helping daddy be a judge

Addy being a judge

Hockey corner

Floating balls

Loved this

Hole in One!

Bubble board

BIG bubbles

Addy is IN a bubble!

Sand and a lightboard-we really had to pry her from this one

and a BIG slide

adjusting the radio-fresh beat band of course
Sand table

Driving the car


Following her fish back down the stream

Digging in the rubber chips

Driving a delivery truck-daddy is the delivery!

Fixing the engine of the race car

And changing a tire!

Water table!

Checking out the bottom of the car

Squirt daddy!

Daddy squirt Addy!


Still so funny AND everyone is dry :)

Cleaning a doggy

And brushing him

Serving up some ice cream

Feeding a newborn

And rocking her
 And finally-we always tell you about him, but here's the hoarder with the rarely opened garage door-he just sold his car for a nice new one....big surprise, I could already see the back filled with stuff.
 And of course, School Pics!

Trains with the boys, as usual

Hunting Easter eggs

Lions and Lambs for March

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