Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy 9 month Birthday Jack!

Addy's art project-NOT a real sundae!

Happy 9 month birthday Jack!

Hanging out

Look, I'm funny!

Rolling around

Yum, lo mein!

"Mommy, take a picture!"

Pool time in the hot sun

Water table time!

Boys having a blast

Daddy enjoying the weather too

Had to loose the shorts

Helping with Ben's belt-working together!
Addy's first chocolate fountain (that she can do by herself)

So excited-looks yummy

Licking the plate clean

and later, licking the napkin clean

Daddy got into the chocolate too

Chocolate everywhere...even the chin
Clean up time

Checking out daddy's wheelchair

Loving it, though he couldn't figure out why daddy wasn't sitting in it ;D

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Three Rivers Festival

Yum Ribs!

Can't wait for a ride

Watch out daddy!

Whole family rides

Toby actually stayed in for awhile!


Daddy is always the winner :)
Meeting "Marshall" at the TRF parade

awesome seats

Baby selfie

Having a great time

The mastodon!

A ride at the kiddie midway

Twist ice cream for lunch

Bath with Mowhawk to finish the day

Daddy was decorated
Enjoying homemade muffins from his mommy and sister

Playing with a new toy

Riding with a toy seatbelt!