Sunday, January 6, 2013

Before Christmas

Uncle Jordan's song:
This one has a lot of background noise, but she definitely knows it:
This one you'll have to ignore my singing...

And Jason Mraz:

I spin in a circle!:

My long-winded little girl:
And finally, Gymnastics!
The Santa Dash with Daddy

and Mommy

Addy "attempting" to run her race, but it was too loud and she got scared at the starting line

Hitchin' a ride

Race time

And she's off!

Her unsuccessful Christmas program.  She was so mad we made her wear a new pretty Christmas dress.

Addy with her gymnastics class
School Pics
Studying her painting!

Showing off her glue stick abilities

Loving the trains, as usual

Getting messy with shaving cream

She wears her hat most mornings for at least awhile in school

Advent wreath-look closely; there is something wrong with this picture...

more obvious here...

As you may have guessed-this is the day Addy decided pants were optional...

Put baby Jesus in the manger

Tossing things through the wreath