Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday, Addy modeled a polka dot long sleeved shirt with cute pink jumper.

Yesterday was a good, busy day. We did laundry and some cleaning. Addy was in a good mood and extra playful. Daddy came home early, because of all the snow coming :) We decided to take Addy out for her first time playing in the snow (even though it had only just started snowing):

She was a little confused as to why she was dressed so warm, until we went out. We took her sledding, which she didn't care about, one way or another. But then she got to eat some of the snow-that she loved :) After that, it was bedtime in her new pjs:

Then, this morning we went back outside, after most of the snow had fallen, about 3 inches total. She was less than thrilled, but we had fun!

Today, daddy worked from home, so we tried not to bug him too much. We did a lot of playing, as usual. Our little girl is definitely growing up, and out of much of her stuff: her bouncy chair, the bumbo, her size 6 mo. clothes, her stage 1 foods, her size 1-2 diapers (she has to wear the next size up at night-the little ones can't hold it all!). She's getting close to outgrowing her bath sling too, so I'll have to wash her hair while she sits up :/ not looking forward to that! Soon she'll outgrow Toby, and we'll have to buy her a new pony :)

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