Friday, January 28, 2011

Houston, we have a .....tooth??

Addy, practicing her standing

Today, another cable guy came out to finish installing all our TVs. We had to run a new cable to the upstairs, and Addy slept through alot of that noise, I'm not quite sure how, but I'm glad she did! We did a lot of playing today, as usual. This afternoon, we were playing on the floor, and I noticed something white in her mouth. So I put my finger in, and found a tooth. Not one of the front 2, one of the top ones on the outside of those two. Very strange....

Today, we also had probably the best 20 minutes of the week. After Addy's 2nd nap, I took her downstairs, and started to open the front door. She let out an excited giggle. We decided that it was nice enough to take a walk, so we put on sunscreen and a hat:

Then we went to get Toby in from the backyard and he got soooo excited when he saw the leash. He pulled us down the driveway, but after that, he was very good. We walked down the street, and Toby pranced through the piles of snow along the road. It was nice to have 50 degree weather and snow... :D The perfect mix!

One more video for your viewing pleasure:

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