Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Addy's been up to all kinds of "no good" this weekend :) On Friday at Little Lambs, she crawled over to a doll stroller, stood up behind it like the other kids do, and then proceed to walk across the room pushing it, all by herself, like it was nothing :)

Yesterday, we went to the eye doctor. My vision in one eye got the slightest bit worse, while one of Josh's eyes got slightly better-so overall no change ;) haha! Then Addy had a babysitter at the neighbor's house. It seemed to go well, we'll see if she offers to watch all 3 kids at once again!

Today, I had a nice mother's day. French toast for breakfast, a magnet from the girl scouts at church. I got a beautiful watch and some candle things from Addy. Then we had a relaxing afternoon, before playing outside with bubbles and a ball. Daddy made BBQ for dinner and s'mores for dessert. So obviously after that Addy needed a bath (see above picture!). I gave her a very eventful bath: she let out her own bath water. She picked up the drain cover, then closed it again, about 3 times before all the water was out. It was pretty cute :)

Addy has also decided that she is going to be a preacher someday. Today during church, she was transfixed on the preacher during his sermon. Then outside, and later in the bath, she was just talking, when all of a sudden she would stick her arm out, wave it around, and talk in a loud voice. Sooooo funny!

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