Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy Week!

Addy and I spent the first half of the week at VBS. She played in the nursery, while I helped with crafts. And of course, I leave Addy with other kids for three days, and she comes home with sickness. That didn't take long to kick in! Thursday morning she woke up with a mild fever, so she stayed home with daddy. She spent most of the day sleeping and relaxing, part from VBS, part from the sickness. She was feeling better on Friday morning, so we continued our plans to go to FW for the weekend. She did well in the car, but all weekend she was still sick. We came home and went to the doctor; she said she thinks it just a viral throat infection, as her throat was red.

Over the weekend though, we stopped in Terre Haute, at the mall for Addy to play a little bit during the road trip. Here is the playground they have. You can see the banana on the left, the sausage in the middle and the bowl of shredded wheat with blueberries on the right side. So silly, I just had to take a picture!

While we were in FW, one of Addy's favorite things to do was to put bear "to bed" in Toby's crate. She did it again and again... What a silly girl. At least while she was sick, mommy and daddy got to enjoy Ribfest, BBQ with baby Ben, and a movie.

Today was the 2nd day in a row with no fever. However, as Addy is finishing her recovery from her illness, we definitely have light switch baby back. She woke up in a good mood, and played a little until it was time for nap, which was 3 1/2 hours long! She ate a good lunch, but she threw quite the tantrum as we were getting ready to go to the store because I closed the door to her room. I thought she was going to throw up she was so upset. Then we went to the store with no problems, she even gave up her bear and paci (bear FINALLY got a much needed bath in the laundry). Then we came home, played for a little while, she took a 2 hour nap (I woke her up from both of these naps). Then we started to make dinner and she wanted nothing to do with being down on the ground. Then daddy came home and fed her, but she decided she didn't want vegetables and threw another fit, this time actually throwing up a little on daddy. Finally we got her calmed down, and she ate some cheese before going on a lovely walk and having a blast playing in the basement with Toby. She was like my normal little girl. Then she wanted to give Toby more treats, after she had given him a bunch already, and started to throw another tantrum when we didn't get her more treats. Uuuuuugggghhhh!!! We feel bad that she's sick, but not that bad! Oh well, she was tired, and we got her to bed. Hopefully she still sleeps ok after all her naps today!

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