Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy January!

Addy's "Starry Night" picture was the top picture-she was very excited to see it after church, displayed for Lutheran Schools Week

Being a "Bander"

I mean, drummer.

Toby was really excited to get his picture taken

The best day to rake leaves-the last Sunday in January of course
(We do things a little late around here...)

Also, she asked to wear her winter coat-Josh and I were just wearing sweatshirts in the 60 degree weather :)
PS-it is now 11 degrees not even 24 hours later.
 School Pics from the last 2 weeks

Making her starry night picture


Play dough

Dance Break!

Time for a picnic with her best friend Haylee

Sorting Pom Poms

Playing a game learning prepositions (over, under, etc)

Technology time!

Making music with wood blocks


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