Monday, February 3, 2014

Theme Week!

Toby is ready to play!

Leaf collecting in the last week of January

I guess it was about time...
 Lutheran Schools Week
Monday-Pajama day

Tuesday-Mismatch day (this day has continued...we haven't worn matching socks in a week)

Wednesday-Career Day
There was also a princess party just for fathers and daughters Saturday night.  I'll try and get those pictures for next week's blog.
Super Bowl Sunday!

Our #18 family didn't work :(

But we did get delicious turkey legs

Yum-even in 20 degree weather Josh will smoke meat for us :)
School Pics

Class Pajama Day

Snowflake sizes

Sorting money

Zion Spirit Day (at least Addy would wear red)

The first outdoor recess in over a month...and only one day

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