Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Addy's nice catch

So excited to paint her hands at Little Lambs

Snow will not deter Josh from his grilling

So excited to look at her valentines from her friends

Happy Valentine's Day from Mommy and Daddy


and Bullseye!

All her friends :)

"Presenting" Jessie like Rafiki presents Simba

I love this Toby photobomb

I chopped off my hair!! Exactly 12 inches

She wanted the ponytail by her...
 Basement "Camping"
Josh set up the tent and airbed in the basement

Addy is thrilled!

Toby...not so much

Pretzel making for President's Day

She wanted to make some of her friend's names

Princess Dance Portrait from the last blog post
I was hoping to have more pics from the princess dance, but I can't save them.  Here's the link to the hundreds of pictures, some of Addy are really cute!  http://thesparrowsneststl.smugmug.com/2014/Events/Princess-Dance-2014/Candid-Shots/

School Pics

Pom Pom Sorting


Curling up with friends reading books

Showing God's love to a sad friend

Addy: On the radio

Addy: Mommy plays music in our car

Dance Break

Decorating valentine's bags-Addy's favorite activity of the month

Love Addy's photobomb :)


More friends!

Ear Guitar

Letters in Salt

Valentine Heart sorting

Name writing

Beanbag toss-Valentine style

More ear guitar

Addy, the Conductor

Addy was so excited that I came to help at her Valentine's Party

Addy's version of a train station

Chatting about cars and dinosaurs

Beads on string

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